‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Dad Might Run for Office: ‘God Put Me in This Position for a Reason’


Jared Schmeck, the Oregon dad who went viral for his “Let’s Go Brandon” remark to President Biden, told the Todd Starnes Show Tuesday he is considering running for political office in the future.

When national radio host and best-selling author Todd Starnes asked if he plans to run for office, Schmeck laughed.

“I want to get through this, pray about it and see what God has for me,” he said. “At the end of the day, I want His will for my life. This is not anything that I expected or planned and I do believe that God put me in this position for a reason.”

The pro-Trump father of four added: “I strongly believe that standing up is the right thing to do here as long as that message that I’m portraying here is glorifying His name. I’ll see where it goes once I get out of this tornado.”


Although Schmeck said he and his family have faced death threats, he remains optimistic.

“I’ve had an overwhelming amount of support from family and friends, even friends who don’t align with me politically, and it’s meant the world,” he said.

“We’ve got your back as well as many conservatives around the country,” Starnes said. “I’m so, so glad to hear that…God bless them.”


Below is a rushed transcript of Jared Schmeck’s interview on the Todd Starnes Radio Show:

Wallace: [00:20:09] Let me tell you why this matters. The asymmetry has always been what advantages the Trump, right more than anything else and the asymmetry of saying f you to a sitting president on a call in front of your four kids. Don’t look past this. Don’t look at this as a story about giving airtime to a MAGA guy who goes on Steve Bannon’s podcast and said, I wasn’t joking. Not only did I say F you, Mr. President, I said more than that. This is the slow motion insurrection. Jason in in full color. [00:20:44][34.7]

Starnes: [00:20:45] Oh for heaven’s sake. All right. That was Nicolle Wallace, one of the squawking magpies over at MSDNC going after Jared Schmuck, who is, by all indications, a good, decent guy, a great dad who made national headlines after saying this to President Biden during a phone call with the Santa tracker Doran. And let’s let’s play that audio. [00:21:10][25.0]

Schmeck: [00:21:11] Yeah, I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas as well. Let’s go, Brandon. [00:21:16][4.6]

Biden: [00:21:17] Let’s go, Brandon. I agree. [00:21:18][0.9]

Starnes: [00:21:18] The president agreed with him. Let’s go to the Patriot Mobile newsmaker line we are honored to have with us, Jared Schmoke Jared. Hope you’re doing good today. [00:21:28][10.3]

Schmeck: [00:21:29] I’m doing well. [00:21:30][0.5]

Starnes: [00:21:30] How are you doing, Jared? I’m doing well and we’ve been following your story and I was watching that live when all of that happened and I actually got a great chuckle, which I have to imagine a lot of other people that around the country. I want you to set this up for us. Did did you know you were going to be talking to President Trump and when did you decide to slip in the Let’s go, Brandon? [00:21:51][21.1]

Schmeck: [00:21:54] No, sir. I had no idea that I was going to be speaking with President Biden or the first lady until until we spoke to the volunteer. My kids and I called NORAD every year and just to find out when Santa is going to be in our area. It’s kind of become a little tradition for us. And the when the volunteer picked up, she said First Lady Biden was taking calls. Frankly, I assumed it was going to be a prerecorded message or something similar. But when they picked up and I heard President Biden, we I don’t know. It just popped into my head and I ran with it. [00:22:30][36.2]

Starnes: [00:22:31] It was, yeah, go ahead, Jared. [00:22:33][2.3]

Schmeck: [00:22:35] I was there at that point. I had no idea I was being livestreamed, so it wasn’t until I saw it on social media about 10 or 15 minutes later that I knew that it was aired to the rest of the world. [00:22:46][11.5]

Starnes: [00:22:46] So I I’ve got I’ve got to ask you about your wife. So how did that conversation go? Honey, you’re not going to believe what I just did. [00:22:54][7.3]

Schmeck: [00:22:57] Well, she she was actually standing in the doorway when that happened. So and I had my boy filming because we thought, Hey, this is the, you know, once in a lifetime talking to the to the president, it’ll be a fun video to watch in 20 years. And yeah, and then she’s the one who actually found it on social media a few minutes later, and we had quite the chuckle as well. [00:23:19][22.4]

Starnes: [00:23:20] I’m curious, what’s been the response from, you know, the family, friends when they found out that, hey, you’re national news now? [00:23:26][5.9]

Schmeck: [00:23:27] Hey, I have had an overwhelming amount of support from family and friends, even friends who don’t align with me politically. And it’s it’s meant the world. I mean, they say you find out who your your true friends are in situations like this. And I’ve had an overwhelming amount of support. And one thing that I do want to bring up also because I haven’t really talked about my place of business much, but they contacted me today. They’re going to be releasing the statement today and the entire team stands with me on this and and the issues that the mainstream media is turning it into. [00:24:05][37.7]

Starnes: [00:24:06] Well, I’m glad to hear that, Jared, because you know, we want you to know that we’ve got your back as well as many other conservatives around the country. And I’m so glad to hear that that the company you work for, do you want to give them a shout out by name? [00:24:18][12.4]

Schmeck: [00:24:20] Yeah, that’s one Winema Electric. They’re there in Klamath Falls, Oregon. We’re a family owned business. And you know, we’ve got a really strong team, a diverse team with a variety of different beliefs, and every single one of them is standing with me on it. And it means more than I can more than I could even say in words. [00:24:40][20.3]

Starnes: [00:24:41] You see, I am so, so glad to hear that. And again, I don’t know their politics, but God bless them for standing beside and standing alongside an employee, you know, for getting out there and honestly having a little bit of fun. And and that’s what I take this as. And yet you have come under attack, and I want you to describe to our listeners what kind of threats you’ve been getting and what are people on the other side doing? [00:25:04][23.2]

Schmeck: [00:25:06] Well, I’ve been yes, I’ve been getting attacked pretty profusely, not just not just me. My wife’s been getting attacked, my family, our business, the phones were ringing off the hook. We’ve we’ve had the review bombing on Google. We’ve had people trying to hack into our website, into our email addresses, signing our company, email addresses up for vulgar content. A huge variety of things along with physical threats, threatened threats to come to my my home people are listing my address online. It’s been pretty relentless. [00:25:44][38.0]

Starnes: [00:25:45] I’m curious about about the president. Do you? I mean, do you have feelings one way or the other about Biden, his policies? [00:25:53][7.6]

Schmeck: [00:25:55] Well, I completely disapprove of Biden and his policies, and honestly, I mean, ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ encompasses more than what everyone is focused on. It encompasses our our frustration with him and his administration from the issues in Afghanistan. I mean, there’s people still trapped over their lives lost. The border crisis, the supply chain issues the federal mandates regarding vaccines. And now we find out that he doesn’t have a plan for that. I saw no plan Joe trending this morning. And on top of that, this administration is has been absolutely horrible in regards to abortion. I take a strong stance on being pro-life, and they are the exact opposite of that. And you’re right when you said you take it as a humorous, joking way of handling that frustration. The reason I’m able to do that, I don’t think that that the mainstream media understands this or that or the people that are ridiculing me understand this. The reason that I’m able to have a sense of humor is so many of us are because our faith isn’t in our government, it’s not in Joe Biden, it’s not even in Donald Trump. This is our faith, is in God. And we we know how this all ends, but we have to fight for what we have when we’re here. And if we don’t, they will sweep it right out from under us. [00:27:16][81.0]

Starnes: [00:27:16] You know, it’s interesting, Jared. And by the way, folks, we’re talking with Jared Schmoke on the Patriot Mobile newsmaker line. Jared going back to the Trump years when the same people that are coming after you, CNN, MSDNC, the New York Times, they were out there celebrating people that were literally saying F you to President Trump, you know, flipping off the president, pretending to assassinate him during a Shakespeare production in Central Park. I mean, the list goes on and on and on. So their hypocrisy is really laughable at this point. [00:27:48][31.5]

Schmeck: [00:27:50] I agree, I agree completely, Jared. [00:27:52][2.8]

Starnes: [00:27:54] So where do you go from here? I know you’re making the rounds last night, a great interview on Newsmax TV with with Greg Kelly. What does experience been like for you? [00:28:03][8.9]

Schmeck: [00:28:04] Well, you know, it’s it’s been busy and quite the whirlwind, but with the people that I’ve talked to and I have some more interviews later today, the thing that’s really stood out to me and my family is that all of you guys that fight this fight every single day to give us a voice and to stand up for what’s right. You’re all very genuine people and just just real people, and it’s very enlightening and motivating to actually be able to speak with people like you and see what you’re like. You know, outside of the radio programs and on TV and whatnot. And I just I want to thank you for everything that you do because it’s you guys are making a huge difference and you’re giving us the voice that that we need to to fight this tyranny. [00:28:57][52.4]

Starnes: [00:28:57] What do you think about President Trump? I mean, you’re a young guy. So I mean, he was he came, you know, came onto the scene and I know that you were wearing a MAGA hat the other night. [00:29:07][9.7]

Schmeck: [00:29:08] I love the man and his family. And the reason being is because he. He says what needs to be said and he does what needs to be done, and he stands up for us and he stands up for God every single day and the ridicule that he met throughout his, I mean, it’s a it’s a miracle that he was able to accomplish what he did in the in the face of all of the ridicule that they threw at him throughout his entire presidency. And he’s just a very strong man, and I believe God put him in that place for a reason. And look, what’s happened. I mean, we. We have the conservatives have always been known to be quiet and I mean, you have your silent majority and now we have a voice. And I think it scares the left and they’re intimidated by it. And so that’s why they respond the way they do in the nasty way that they do, because they don’t know Jesus. And so I pray, I pray for all of them. I pray for President Biden. I pray for every single person that’s ridiculing me that they will come to Jesus through this. And, you know, I just I pray that we’re able to glorify his name above anything else, you know? [00:30:26][77.2]

Starnes: [00:30:26] And I want to follow up with that in just a moment. But just think about this, Jared. The amount of hate and ridicule that you’ve been getting over the past day or so. Imagine that being your life for five, six, seven years. That’s what Donald Trump’s been going through every day of his life with these people. [00:30:41][15.2]

Schmeck: [00:30:43] Yes. Yes. And it’s a real testament to his strength that he just keeps going. Now he brushes it off and keeps going. [00:30:50][7.4]

Starnes: [00:30:50] Now you brought up your faith, and we are a radio station that believes and in Christianity, we are we’re a faith that we’re a faith based group of folks here. And there have been some in that Christian community that have called you out and they say what you said was really un-Christian, and I wanted to give you a chance to respond to those people. [00:31:10][20.0]

Schmeck: [00:31:12] So I completely understand that perspective. I completely understand it. But I would encourage you to look at the full meaning of what the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ meme because that’s what it is has become, a meme created by the mainstream media. This is much more than the derogatory meaning that the mainstream media is pushing. And, you know, like I said for me, let’s go to Brandon encompasses the frustrations that I have with the administration and what they’re doing because it’s affecting millions of lives in America and around the world. [00:31:48][35.9]

Starnes: [00:31:49] And I think that’s a fair, a fair response. Jared, just just just know blessings to you and your family. Yet you seem like a great guy and a good dad. As a matter of fact, the kids have to. I mean, they’re going to look back on this. I mean, you’re going to be you’re going to be sitting around with the grandkids saying, Hey, remember that time where, yeah, we called Santa Claus, [00:32:11][22.3]

Schmeck: [00:32:15] It’s not going to be forgotten, I’m sure. [00:32:18][3.2]

Starnes: [00:32:18] By the way, somebody said it has the FBI been knocking on your door yet? Oh, Jesus, Lou, I hope not. [00:32:23][5.0]

Schmeck: [00:32:25] No, no. Go ahead. I have not. [00:32:27][1.8]

Starnes: [00:32:27] Yeah. All right. Well, Jared, God bless you and we we hope you and your family have a great new year. And and I’m sure this will quiet down fairly, fairly soon. Do you you have any aspirations for higher office now? I know people have been talking about that already. [00:32:44][16.7]

Schmeck: [00:32:46] You know, I want to get through this and I want to, you know, pray about it what God has for me at the end of the day. I want his will for my life and the direction that goes. This is not anything I expected or planned. And I do feel like God put me in this position for a reason, and I strongly believe that standing up is the right thing to do here, as long as that message that I portray is is glorified his name. And yeah, I just want to. I’ll see where it goes once, once I get out of this tornado. [00:33:19][32.5]

Starnes: [00:33:19] Yeah, something tells me, if you do run, you’ll be you’ll be invited down to a certain place in Florida. [00:33:24][4.9]

Schmeck: [00:33:25] I would be honored. [00:33:27][2.1]

Starnes: [00:33:28] You never know. You never know. All right. Well, Jared, we’re going to leave it there. God bless you again and good luck and look, but you’ve got our contact info so we can be of any help. You let us know. [00:33:37][9.0]

Schmeck: [00:33:38] OK, thank you so much and I. God bless all of you. [00:33:41][2.4]


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