Joe Biden Lied About Charlottesville, Huckabee Tells Todd Starnes

Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor, told the “Todd Starnes Show” on Friday that the Democratic National Convention ended last night in a whimper and he can’t explain why Joe Biden’s speech has received so much praise in both conservative and liberal media outlets.


“I saw a guy read—in a very stilted fashion from the teleprompter—occasionally maybe he showed some flares of passion, even anger, but he didn’t say anything other than he doesn’t like Trump,” Huckabee said. “And he didn’t give us any specific plans. He lied outrageously about Charlottesville, which even the Washington Post has debunked.”

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Huckabee said it was as though the analysts listened to a completely different speech from the one he heard.

Todd Starnes, the host of the radio program, called Biden’s speech “dark and dreary” and said it seemed to be symbolic of the entire convention.


“It felt like more of a memorial service or a funeral than a convention,” Starnes said. Huckabee joked that if it was a television show from the past it would be named, “Dark Shadows.”

“I really thought that Barnabas Collins was the nominee for the Democrat Party,” Huckabee said, a reference to the 175-year-old vampire on the ABC show that aired until 1971. Huckabee said this was not a hopeful convention.


Huckabee said Trump does not get the credit that he deserves. He said the only reason the economy is not in worse shape is because it was “red hot” entering the crisis due to the Trump administration’s pro-business deregulation and tax cuts.

Huckabee said the sanctity of life is a deal-breaker for him. He said he could never support a candidate who says it is OK for a mother to dismember her baby while it is inside her womb. He also brushed off the Republicans, like former Gov. John Kasich, who came out against Trump. Huckabee said their support is irrelevant.

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“These are the same people who wanted a foreign policy that made America go around apologizing and getting into wars that we couldn’t win,” Huckabee said. He continued, “So no, they don’t like Trump. They don’t like his style, and I get it. Trump’s style can be abrasive, direct and combative, but I’m ultimately looking at—not whether the coach is polite—I’m looking at whether he can win the game.”