JUST IN: Illegal Aliens to Attempt Invasion of Border Today

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An untold number of illegal aliens are expected to march on the San Ysidro, California border crossing on Sunday. The illegals will then attempt to invade our nation.

They are expected to arrive at the nation’s busiest port of entry around noon Eastern time, Fox News reports.

A spokesperson for the group helping to organize the so-called caravan told Fox News they expect the march to be peaceful. However, it is well-documented that hundreds of the invaders are dangerous criminals.

On Thursday, President Trump told reporters he had given the military the authority to use lethal force to protect national sovereignty and secure the border.

“If they have to, they’re going to use lethal force. I’ve given the OK,” the president said. “If they have to — I hope they don’t have to.”
The president also threatened to shut down the border if “we find that it’s uncontrollable.”