Kirk Cameron: I’m Showing Parents How to Fight Back Against Woke Libraries

Actor and author Kirk Cameron is pushing back against the Left’s “drag queen story hours” that have swept public libraries across the country.

Cameron reached out to libraries to read his new children’s book “As You Grow” as part of a new initiative called “Brave Books Story Hour,” but he told the “Todd Starnes Show” Thursday he was banned by dozens.

Do kids need to learn about godly values?

“I was denied by 50 woke public libraries that hosted drag queen story hours,” Cameron told host Todd Starnes.

“Some of them said, Well, we’re not interested because we’re a queer-friendly library and our messaging does not align. Others said no to biblical values, but at the same time, they have scheduled gender name change clinics to help older teens fill out their paperwork as they’re switching from one gender to another,” Cameron explained.

“I’m thinking kids could use something about self-control, kindness and goodness in light of all of the mental illness, suicides, drug overdoses, cyberbullying and school shootings,” he added. “But public libraries are saying ‘no.'”

The former “Growing Pains” actor said parents, grandparents, and librarians have contacted him to read his book in their local library to kids “to give them access to the kind of values that are actually going to help them and not destroy them.”

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Cameron has a plan of action for parents to push back.

“If libraries turn them down the way that they’ve turned me down, I’m showing them how to fight back by using the tools of law like I have,” he said. “In fact, I posted two public letters to those libraries saying, I hope this is just a misunderstanding. Here’s a free copy of my book for you to review. These are values that I think every community could use. And if you continue to exclude certain viewpoints because you don’t like them in the public library, well, then I’m prepared to assert my constitutional rights in court. And I’m hoping that I’ll be making a trip to these libraries soon to read my book.”

Cameron warned that the pushback is a “cloak for total control” of the culture.

“It’s just a stepping stone to get to where the Marxists really want to go…it’s all about conquest. Once they’re now in these places, being accepted and tolerated…and anyone who opposes them with a different viewpoint must be bad and will be excluded, and I’m a living example of that,” he said.

“If we remain unengaged, we have no one to blame but ourselves,” Cameron concluded.


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