Leftist Thugs Attack Ex-College Football Player Wearing MAGA Hat

The only thing that will trigger a liberal faster than a Chick-fil-A sandwich is a gun-toting, Bible-clinging Deplorable wearing a Make America Great Again ball cap.

Americans of all shapes, sizes and colors have been bullied, badgered and bruised simply for wearing one of those iconic red ball caps – from teenagers in a Texas burger joint to an elderly man in a California Starbucks.

The latest attack involved a former member of the University of Florida football team in Gainesville, Florida.

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Daniel Weldon, 22, was celebrating the Fourth of July with a friend when he was accosted and assaulted by a rowdy group of seven men and women.

Weldon, who is chairman of the Florida Federation of College Republicans, tells me he was decked out in patriotic garb – an American flag shirt, a Trump pin and a MAGA hat.

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“My girlfriend had warned me earlier that night that someone would attack me for wearing my MAGA hat to a college bar,” he said.

It’s always wise to be cautious, but Weldon is a former linebacker for the Florida Gators. What kind of a pinhead would attack a six-foot-two, 230-pound Deplorable?

Well, it turns out the pinheads were a bunch of pajama boy liberals and their pink-hat wearing gal pals.

Weldon described what happened in a now-viral Facebook post. He said the gaggle of liberals surrounded him inside the Pita Pit restaurant and began yelling. At some point the girls became aggressive and then violent.

“The 4 or 5 girls start pushing me and punching,” he wrote on Facebook. “I’m a former college linebacker so I can take a hit and it’s not a big deal.”

Mean Girls Punched Linebacker

But then, the Mean Girls made a crucial mistake.

“One snatched my hat and tried to throw it away while another ripped my pin and tossed it,” he wrote.

Folks, there’s a hard and fast rule in life. You never tug on Superman’s cape and you never swipe an American patriot’s MAGA hat.

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He said he filed a police report after the incident but was disheartened to hear the police officer say it’s not the first time a Trump supporter has been attacked in Gainesville.

“I’ve seen people that have been physically attacked on the news, but I never thought it would happen to me,” he said. “I’m a former college football player and a fairly large guy so when it escalated and I started getting physically attacked, I was in a bit of disbelief.”

Trump Derangement Syndrome on Steroids 

And rightfully so. You’d have to be slap-crazy to attack a Southeastern Conference linebacker. It’s like a Mack Truck versus a Chevy Volt.

But there’s nothing more unpredictable than a bunch of liberals suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

“Are these people really that mad without knowing anything about me that they would attack me,” he said.

No one was arrested and the girls were coaxed into leaving the restaurant by their pajama boy companions.
In spite of the violent night at the Pita Pit, Weldon said he is an all-out Trump supporter. And he encouraged other conservative college students to stand up when they are bullied.

“Never back down,” he said. “When conservatives back down, the Left wins.”

And kudos to Weldon for how he conducted himself during the fight. He never raised a hand or a fist against the female attackers.

“My momma raised me right,” he said.

Indeed, she did.

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