Seattle Hosts Workshop to Help White Workers Undo Their “Whiteness”

Christopher F. Rufo, an editor for the City Journal who exposed the city of Seattle’s “segregated” training session that focused on an effort for white city workers to undo their “own whiteness” so they can access their own humanity said the program seems use race to promote a socialist agenda.

Rufo told the “Todd Starnes Show” on Thursday that he received a tip about the program and submitted a public-records request for more information. He said the city responded by sending him a trove of documents that he called “deeply disturbing” since it was taxpayer dollars that funded the project.

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“They were essentially teaching white employees that no matter background, or behavior or beliefs, that they are—by virtue of their whiteness, by virtue of their ethnic identity—they are upholding a system of white supremacy,” Rufo said.

He said once the white employee came to terms with their inherent beliefs, the city made an effort to enlist them into a “radical, new racial orthodoxy of anti-racism.”


Rufo, who is also with the Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth and Poverty, said the training required workers to: Stand up, admit they are white and admit that they are complicit in a racist system. He said the workers are then told how to atone for their whiteness, which included giving up promotions so minorities can advance.


Rufo said it seems as though the initiative is, at heart, an attempt to advance a socialist and radical agenda that includes redistribution of wealth and property. He said the movement know seems to look at city municipalities as a new tool to advance the cause.

Rufo reported that the City of Seattle’s Office of Civil Rights invited the white employees to take part in the session on “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness.”

He wrote in the City Journal that “trainers” told those in attendance that their whiteness has made it difficult for them to access their own “humanity,” which harms people of color.

The Journal’s report said that at the end of the class, the trainers “outline strategies for converting outsiders and recommend specific “practices for interrupting others’ whiteness.” In effect, the activists have organized an ideological pyramid scheme—using public dollars to establish their authority within the government, then using that authority to recruit others into the program.”

Todd Starnes, the radio host, said, “This is basically government-sanctioned racism.”

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