St. Louis Homeowner: The Mob “Wasn’t Singing Kumbaya”

The St. Louis homeowner who went viral on Sunday after he and his wife brandished guns at protesters who broke onto their property said Wednesday that– after several interviews with investigators– he believes police are treating his family as victims in the case.

“The second they made the decision to break down the gate and come in, any pretense of peacefulness disappeared,” Mark McCloskey told the “Todd Starnes Show.”

McCloskey has been maligned in the media in recent days over his decision to use his Second Amendment right to protect his home and family. St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner said her office is investigating the incident. Gardner has recently been criticized by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt for not charging any protester in the city arrested during the unrest, according to KSDK.

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McCloskey was interviewed last night by CNN’s Chris Cuomo who seemed to do his best to paint the St. Louis attorney as the poster boy of racism for daring to stand up to the angry mob. But McCloskey pointed out that many at the protest were white, and color played no role in his decision to protect his family.


McCloskey lives in the private community Portland Place. He said St. Louis is unique in some respects because it has these private neighborhoods where streets, sidewalks and utilities are maintained solely by homeowners. These neighborhoods were developed at the turn of the century. He said Portland Place abuts an entertainment district where protests have erupted in recent weeks. He said trustees warned homeowners about a protest scheduled for Friday that never amounted to anything.


But he said that changed on Sunday. He said his daughter was visiting from Chicago and while they were about to sit down for an alfresco dinner on the patio, they noticed a large crowd forming about 300 feet away, just behind a gate. He said there wasn’t a police officer in sight and the community’s security “disappeared.”


“And it gets louder, and louder and louder,” he said. “And, mind you, this is all private property.”

He said the gate—which was about 70 feet from where they were eating– was breached and the crowd poured in. He said they were headed right at his family. He said by the time he was able to reach for his rifle, the mob was about 20 feet away. He said he directed to protesters to get off his property while brandishing the weapon. He said his wife, who by that time was outside with him, called 911 “to no avail.”

“But she shows up in the front yard with a pistol in her hand, and I’m thinking, ‘Holy you-know-what. If they start to surround her, what the heck am I supposed to do? I can’t get off—for example—a clean shot if she’s in the middle of the crowd. So I’m going to have to go out into the front yard,” he said.

He said they were surrounded. The “peaceful” protesters said that they were going to kill his family and pointed to the windows of the house that they were going to take over.

The protesters eventually kept moving, claiming that they were headed to St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson’s home to demand her resignation for publicly identifying protesters.

McCloskey said it is the height of irony that the protesters out for revenge over the mayor exposing a few names have plastered his information everywhere. He said he had to essentially close his law practice and turn off his cell phone.

McCloskey, an attorney, said it is also ironic because he devoted his career to defending the vulnerable and has many African American clients who know his stance on civil rights.

He said the protesters have said their goal is to “destroy his career.”

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