“This is a Flag of White Supremacy!” WATCH as Raging Leftists Attack College Republicans, Spit on Flag

A pair of raging leftists (pronouns unclear) attacked College Republicans at the University of California Santa Cruz. Watch video of the attack below.

The College Fix posted video that showed two attackers vandalizing a tent and display belonging to the College Republicans. One of the individuals physically assaulted a conservative student.

“This is a flag of white supremacy,” the leftist declared.

Video shows one of the thugs/thugettes spitting on a replica of the Betsy Ross flag. It also shows one of the attackers shoving a conservative student into a pile of rocks.

“They really brutalized our stand,” College Republican president Dylan Temple told the website. “And after everything was said and done … I told them they were going to get expelled, they decided to leave. At that point I just started following them with my phone.”

A UC Santa Cruz spokesman told the College Fix that campus police were investigating the incident.

The students involved should face criminal charges and they should be expelled. Period.

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