Todd’s Election Day Prayer: “Lord, Please Don’t Let Us Mess This Up”

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When President Trump ran for the White House he made a series of promises to all of the so-called gun-toting, Bible-clinging Deplorables in Starnes Country. More than two years into his presidency, the promises that were made are now promises kept.

He cut our taxes. The economy is booming. He appointed strict constitutionalists to the courts. He protected religious liberty. And he’s defending American sovereignty.

To reward his promises kept – the Mainstream Media and Democrats accused the president of being a racist and a sexual predator, a traitor, mentally insane. They have literally savaged this man and his family like political predators.

The leftist mob also targeted his supporters – ordering their minions to attack conservatives in grocery stores and restaurants. There have been hundreds of documented assaults on those of us who want to make America great again.

In some instances, conservatives were left bloodied and beaten simply for wearing a Trump shirt or for showing up at a Trump rally.

The Mainstream Media and the Democrats wanted to punish you for stopping Hillary Clinton’s ascendency to the White House. They wanted to destroy you as much as they wanted to destroy the president.

Your vote in 2016 triggered a massive microagression that sent leftists spilling into the streets claiming they had suffered post-traumatic stress syndrome – a microaggression that rages still.

But today – the gun-toting, Bible-clinging Deplorables have the opportunity to fight back once more – not with baseball bats but with ballots.

The rally cry of the Todd Starnes Show has been and shall always be, “Civil, But Not Silent.”

That being said, I’ve always believed it to be wise to seek the Almighty’s wisdom during days of national strife and I believe it would be appropriate for all of us to join together and pray a simple prayer:

“Lord, please don’t let us mess this up. Amen.”

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