WATCH: US Soccer Player Tosses American Flag on Ground After Victory

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As patriots, we must root for anyone who is wearing the American flag on their jersey. But I’ve gotta confess – some of the women on the U.S. Soccer team have made that very hard to do. Click here to LIKE Todd on Facebook!

It’s bad enough that some of them have disrespected the national anthem and others have cursed the president. It’s bad enough that many of them plan to boycott the White House visit.

But when Allie Long threw the American flag on the ground on national television — that is beyond disrespect.

“She knew exactly what she was doing, but just didn’t give a damn,” one sports fan noted on Instagram. “Damn amazing disrespect for a photo op.”

“Absolutely disgraceful,” wrote another. “Playing sports, you are taught at a young age to be respectful to the flag and our country.”

Thank goodness for the teammate who rushed over to retrieve the desecrated flag.

And perhaps the next time U.S. Soccer decides to field a team – maybe – just maybe – they could select soccer players who actually love the nation they will be representing.


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What should be an amazing occurence, is hijacked by the clown show to promote disrespect. So brave ?. Let ? @uswnt and @allie_long_ know what you think about this disrespect in the comments ? — Credit: @mikewishniausa • • • • • • @uswnt I know you gave a brief to the girls on proper flag etiquette. @allie_long_ , I know dragging it on the ground and throwing it down like it’s a piece of paper isn’t part of that. It’s not hard to hand it off and celebrate. Your coaching staff or trainers are there to take it. Damn Amazing disrespect for a photo op. Thank you to I think @kelleyohara for running in there and picking it up. #uswnt #worldcup #usopc #ussoccer #flag #oldglory #flagettiquette #unreal #notapieceofpaper #usparalympics #paralympian #thrower #shotput #power #speed #strength

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