Worship “Pastor” Pens Anti-Trump Hymn as “Angry Middle Finger” to Deplorables

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An Indiana “worship pastor” wrote an anti-Trump hymn attacking the 81 percent of white, evangelical Christians who voted for the president – accusing them of “weaponizing religion.”

Daniel Deitrich, the “pastor” of arts and worship at South Bend City Church, said he wrote part of “Hymn for the 81%” as “an angry middle finger to the listener.” (I’ve posted the song at the end of the column)

“There’s so much work to do to combat white supremacy, homophobia, transphobia, sexism – all the ways in which people are treated as less than the children of God that they are,” Deitrich told Religion News Service.

“This song might ruffle some feathers, but maybe some feathers need to be ruffled,” he told RNS. “Maybe some tables need to be turned over.”

Deitrich, who sounds like an “Al Sharpton-type” minister, accused pro-Trump evangelicals of being “lost” and leading the “sheep to the wolves.”

They started putting kids in cages
Ripping mothers from their babies
And I looked to you to speak on their behalf

But all I heard was silence
Or worse you justified it
Singing, ‘glory, hallelujah, raise the flag’

Your fear had turned to hatred
But you baptized it with language
Torn from the pages of the Good Book

You weaponized religion
And you wonder why I’m leaving
To find Jesus on the wrong side of your walls

For the record it was President Obama who put children in cages — but clearly that narrative conflicts with the “worship pastor’s” truth.

Dan Andros, the managing editor of Faithwire.com, said on the Todd Starnes Show that he has a big problem with Deitrich’s nasty attack on evangelicals.

“It’s not about God,” he said. “It’s about leftist politics.”

Andros said he had a few questions for the hate-spewing “worship pastor.”

“What do you want us to do as Christians,” he asked.

“Are we supposed to go to Elizabeth Warren – she says abortion rights are human rights? Am I supposed to go to that candidate who is in favor of the killing of unborn children out of convenience?”

That’s a good point. Is this leftist writing hateful “worship” songs about Warren or Obama or Bernie Sanders?

“Am I supposed to go to Pete Buttigieg who is openly gay and misrepresents the Bible all over the place,” Andros added.

Deitrich told RNS that he was not “shouting down from my high horse” while he was shouting down from his high horse.

“This song is a lament and a rebuke, but I hope people hear that ti comes from a deep well of love,” he told the news service.

Daniel Deitrich may self-identify as a worship pastor — but based on the “Hymn for the 81%” I find it very hard to believe that he’s worshipping Jesus.


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