Congrats to Emma Weyant, the Olympic Medalist, Who Should’ve Won Women’s NCAA Championship

Lia Thomas, a biological male, beat three Olympic silver medalists to take the title of a 2022 NCAA women’s swimming champion.

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Many online are congratulating the trio — Emma Weyant, Erica Sullivan, and Brooke Forde — for being the actual winners of the 500-yard freestyle, all of whom have won silver for America.

Virginia freshman Weyant, who won silver for Team USA last summer in the 400m individual medley, swam a career-best in the race finishing at 4:34.99 behind Thomas’s 4:33.24.

“Save Women’s Sports” protesters could be heard shouting “cheater” during and after the race.

Thomas swam as a man for three seasons at the University of Pennsylvania before transitioning to the women’s competition and breaking multiple records. Competing in the women’s division, Thomas jumped hundreds of spots to No. 1.

Female Swimmer Beaten By Man Breaks Down in Tears

National radio host Todd Starnes weighed in on the transgender sports controversy Friday.

“It won’t be long until biological women are no longer allowed or able to compete in athletics,” Starnes wrote on Facebook.

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