School Mocks Liberty University with ‘Pride Night’

The University of Massachusetts – Amherst is hosting “Pride Night” during their football matchup against one of the largest Christian schools, Liberty University.

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Is UMass mocking Liberty by hosting pride night during their matchup?

Liberty University will be facing off against UMass on October 8.

UMass has now announced in a tweet surrounded by rainbow pride flags, that the faceoff with Liberty University will be “Pride Day,” mocking the Christian university for its previous comments, and regulations regarding the LGBTQ+ community.

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View the UMass’ Announcement Below:

Many leftists online celebrated it as “trolling.”

“UMass was recently beaten 55-10 by Toledo. Their record is 1-2. I’m not sure that’s anything to be proud of,” said national radio host Todd Starnes.

“I thought Pride Day was in June,” he added. “Are alphabet activists taking over the entire calendar now? Is every day Pride Day in America?”

Listen to Todd Starnes’s Comments From the show: