Biden COVID-19 Task Force Expert Wants You to Stick Your Kid in Pod for Christmas

You may be home for Christmas, but are you in your family’s pod for the holiday?

Dr. Michael Osterholm, who is one of Joe Biden’s picks to serve on his coronavirus task force, told CNN on Thursday that if someone’s son or daughter comes home from college during the holiday, they must first quarantine for 10 to 14 days or not play in any reindeer games due to their transmission risk.


He said that by now most families are already “podded” together, which means they live in the same dwelling and have limited exposure to the outside world.

“So, if your son and daughter are coming home from college, they are not part of your pod,” he said. “You know, either they quarantine for 10 to 14 days or they are not part of what happens at the holidays. Don’t get together with neighbors. No Christmas parties. There is not a safe Christmas party in this country right now unless everybody for the previous 10 to 14 days were potted.”

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The coronavirus outbreak across the U.S. continues to surge, and government officials have implemented new lockdown orders in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus. The lockdowns contributed to a new rise in layoffs, according to Reuters. There were 137,000 new claims for state unemployment benefits for the week ended Dec. 5, the report said.


Todd Starnes, the host of the “Todd Starnes Radio Show,” and others have been critical of these lockdown measures and their encroachment on our civil liberties. The earlier claim that politicians will use the pandemic to justify an unconstitutional power grab seems to have had merit. Politicians are now instructing Americans on the number of people that they can have inside their own homes. (Arkon, Ohio’s city council recently voted to ban private gatherings with more than six guests.)


Osterholm seemed to bristle at the idea of having any guests over your home for Christmas in the interview, which was first reported by Breitbart. He said that no party is safe.

“You know, I think many of my colleagues are saying, ‘Well, limit it to 10 people, whatever,’” he said. “That’s happy talk. “We have to tell people what’s happening. As you report these numbers every day and I know that you don’t grow insensitive to them you understand these are all humans who have lost their lives, who won’t be at the Christmas table this year.”

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