Do Not Concede, Mr. President! We’re Standing With You: Starnes

Todd Starnes, the host of the “Todd Starnes Show,” gave an impassioned monologue on Tuesday while America votes for president and said somehow, the man portrayed in the media as the most divisive figure in our country’s history, managed to bring the country together.


Polls show Joe Biden leading national polls and the race could come down to two or three states, but the past few weeks seem to offer the country hope for the future, Starnes said. Americans from all backgrounds came out to support Trump despite the keen possibility of facing public scorn. The effort to defeat socialism is too important, they say.

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“Folks, I’m telling you that something is happening in this country,” Starnes said. “There is an energy; there is an excitement; there is a buzz surrounding Donald Trump and his policies. Something is going on here.”

Trump’s rallies that attract tens of thousands at airfields tend to get most of the attention. They resemble major sporting events. Those in attendance cheer, wear red, white and blue and wave banners.


But Starnes mentioned the small rallies that have been popping up across the country. They’re usually sporadic and include a diverse bunch. Starnes noticed one of these rallies in Memphis, where his radio show is broadcasted, and pointed to a viral video that showed a caravan of Amish in horse and buggies flying Trump flags while the person who filmed it was listening to a pro-Trump rap song.


“We have some incredible video on ToddStarnes.com…you will initially smile and laugh when you see this video. But when you step back for a moment and you realize what is happening, it’s going to make you a little bit misty,” he said.

He said the horses seen in the video are not walking at a steady pace, they are in an all-out gallop.

“The Amish are literally galloping to the ballot box,” he said. “What does that tell you folks? The Amish mean business. This is an Amish throwdown.”

Starnes said this is who we are as a country. Americans, no matter their race, creed, social status should be able to head to the ballot box—without facing any intimidation—and cast their ballot for the candidate of their choice. He said Americans know that this election will be a turning point for the country.

“I want you to understand this. It’s not Joe Biden who’s united the rappers, the Amish, the Cubans, and the blacks, and the Baptists, and the nuns…it’s Donald Trump,” Starnes said.

He also said that he believes that many Democrats will be casting a vote for Trump.

“And it’s not because they’re Republicans or they love this man…It’s because they love their country. Yes, I said it. There are Democrats who love America,” he said.

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