Hang On, Houston! The Cajun Navy is on the Way!

By Todd Starnes/Twitter

There is hope for Texans stranded by the floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey — the all-volunteer Cajun Navy has mobilized and is en route. 

I just spoke with some of the Cajun Navy’s organizers and they tell me more than 150 boats are either in Texas or on the way.

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“We are working in Dickinson and Houston and all the little towns in between,” dispatcher Katie Pechon told me. 

Folks are showing up with everything from shallow water outboards to air boats – whatever they can use to rescue residents from their flooded homes.

“This is not a government operation — we are all volunteer citizens,” she told me. 

Radio station KPEL in Lafayette, Louisiana has more information on the Cajun Navy. Program director Rob Kirkpatrick alerted me to their outreach to Texas. Click here to read their story.

Here are some exclusive photos of the Cajun Navy at work in Texas:


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