Todd Starnes Show Recap – Aug 28

The Todd Starnes has an all-star lineup today: Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Franklin Graham and others! Call in at 888 788 9910.


Was President Trump right to pardon Joe Arpaio? Sheriff Joe joins Todd to discuss. Plus – Dr. Sebastian Gorka joins Todd to explain why he resigned from the White House. Call Todd 888 788 9910.

The Flood Cannot Destroy the Spirit of America

Reporter Rescues American Flag from Hurricane Harvey Rubble

2:36 PM Dr. Sebastian Gorka:

“It’s the kind of thing you expect from the Fake News industry, but not within,” Gorka said of the report that he was fired. “It was an amazing seven months…a dream come true,” Gorka said, adding that he was appointed as part of the original plan to Make America Great Again and Trump’s agenda.

“I’m going to support him as a private citizen,” Gorka said following his resignation from the White House.

“This is a man who’s a fighter. He never gives up,” Gorka said of Trump in the White House.

Gorka said a lot of establishment Republicans think that Trump’s victory on November 8, 2016 was a GOP victory — not an outsider’s victory.

2:05 PM Sheriff Joe Arpaio: 

Sheriff Joe Arpaio had some choice words for Republicans who are obstructing President Trump’s agenda on the Todd Starnes Show Monday.

“I can understand Democrats,” Arpaio said, “but they ought to get on board and help him out, too, but some of these Republicans, it’s very disgusting what they’re trying to do to our president.”

“I feel sorry for the president because sometimes you can’t trust people.” The former sheriff said he understands that Democrats are pushing back, but he’s “disappointed” in Republicans obstructing and leaking against Trump. “I’ll be with [Trump] to the end…as long as he’s president. I wish there would be more support for him.” Arpaio said.

Arpaio said criticism from Speaker Ryan, Sen. McCain and Sen. Flake on Trump’s pardon doesn’t surprise him.

“Why didn’t they come to me to get the real story? Maybe they would commend the president for what he did,” Arpaio suggested.

“I didn’t know it was coming,” Sheriff Joe said of Trump’s pardon. “I never asked for it.” Sheriff Joe asked his lawyer, “Are you sure you know this is real?” when he heard about the pardon on his way to eat Italian food with his wife for her birthday this past weekend.

“I’m going to get involved in politics…could it be Flake? I don’t know what office…” Sheriff Joe said. “We’ll see what happens, but at least I’ll be speaking out. There was a tremendous abuse of power” Sheriff Joe said of the charge against him, calling it a “travesty of justice” and “disgusting.” 

Todd calls Sheriff Joe Arpaio a one-man border wall.


A Memphis theatre says they will no longer air “Gone With the Wind” because it is insensitive to the city’s African-American residents. Todd says it’s yet another example of the cultural cleansing of America. Call now to comment – 888 788 9910.


Common Sense is Gone With the Wind in Memphis

1:22 PM Cliff Saunders, KTRH Houston, TX:

Saunders said there are unconfirmed reports, at this time, that a family of 6 drowned trying to escape; he said there are two official fatalities confirmed. Saunders also reported on the Houston Mayor’s decision not to evacuate the city.


Houston’s mayor not only ignored pleas to evacuate the city, but mocked the Texas governor for suggesting folks head to high ground. Now, thousands of citizens are stranded in their homes. Did the mayor make the right call? Todd discusses. Call 888-788-9910 to discuss.


12:35 PM Franklin Graham, of Samaritan’s Purse:

“We help people rebuild their lives,” Graham said, adding how they rebuild homes, “pray at shelters, listen to their stories, and comfort them….More important than anything else, they need our prayers.”

Samaritan’s Purse – Hurricane Harvey Relief‎

Hang On, Houston! The Cajun Navy is on the Way!

12:05 PM Matt Finn, Fox News Channel National Correspondent:


This is the best way for you to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Samaritan’s Purse and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief are two organizations that provide physical as well as spiritual assistance to storm victims. You can be guaranteed that every single penny you send will be used to help those in need. These two organizations have my strongest endorsement.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio: It’s Disgusting What Republicans Are Trying to Do to Trump

Common Sense is Gone With the Wind in Memphis

The Flood Cannot Destroy the Spirit of America

The Politically Incorrect Jesus: Living Boldly in a Culture of Unbelief

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