LIVE SHOW: Brace for Economic Hurricane

More than a third of Americans earning at least $250,000 annually say they are living paycheck to paycheck, underscoring how inflation is taking a bigger bite out of Americans’ budgets at all ends of the pay spectrum.

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Todd’s Stack of Stuff:

55% of Americans say they’d stay and fight if the U.S. were invaded like Ukraine.

U.S. Marines Salute Pride Month With ‘Gay’ Bullets

Todd’s Guests

1:05 ET Rep Pat Fallon (R-TX)

1:35 ET Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH)

2:05 ET Kelly Shackelford, President and Chief Executive Officer of First Liberty Institute

2:35 ET J Warner Wallace, Dateline featured Cold Case Detective, Colson Center Senior Fellow, Adj. Professor at Biola, and Author