School Lesson Describes God as “Mythical Creature – Like a Unicorn”

By Todd Starnes/Twitter

A Georgia middle school is apologizing after middle school students were presented a poem that described God as a “mythical creature like a unicorn.”

The Aug. 30th lesson was part of a classroom discussion about Greek mythology at Cedartown Middle School.

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“God is like a mythical creature, a unicorn with silver blood,” the controversial poem declared.

“The idea of god makes young children laugh and feel safe at night,” the poet wrote. “But when you grow older and see the evil in the world and the face of death like a shadow behind the eyes of every living thing, then where is God?”

And if that wasn’t enough to convince the youngsters to renounce their faith and become godless atheists, the poet concluded with a final splash of anti-deity flourish.

“Then God is revealed in all his foolishness, a naked like, a childish dream, a mythical creature like the unicorn,” the poet wrote.

Let’s just say the poem went over like a unicorn blowing pixie dust out its backside.

Outraged parents contacted Fox 5 in Atlanta and faster than you could say “Puff the Magic Dragon” – the school district apologized.

“We recognize that it was an unfortunate mistake to have included the work as part of our classes here at our school,” the Polk County, Georgia school district stated.

“We had meaningful conversations and believe that the inclusion of this article to have been made not by malicious intent nor the desire to denounce the faith or beliefs of any of our students, staff or community members,” the district went on to state.

Principal Shannon Hulsey said she completely understands why parents were upset.

“They felt that it was very disrespectful to God and it (the poem) didn’t really have anything to do with unicorns,” she told Fox 5.

She said the teachers involved in the lesson pulled the poem out of a folder full of material on ancient mythology.

“This was a mistake. In no way whatsoever would we want to defame God or go anywhere in that direction at the school,” she told the television station.

The lesson here is that parents saw something and said something. That’s the message in my latest book, “The Deplorables’ Guide to Making America Great Again.”

If we are truly going to restore American values, we must be willing to take a stand in our hometowns. Together, we can make a difference. Just ask the good people of Cedartown, Georgia.


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