When Hillary Took Weinstein’s Money, She Knew Exactly Who She Was Jumping into Bed With

By Todd Starnes/Twitter

Harvey Weinstein’s alleged predatory behavior was not exactly the best kept secret in Hollywood.

In fact – it was no secret at all. 

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The rich and the beautiful and the powerful turned a blind eye to the alleged sexual predator in their midst.

And if the allegations are true – many prominent Mainstream Media organizations and journalists covered up his sickening behavior.

Hollywood’s depravity should not be much of a surprise. It’s how they make their living — churning out pornography and perversion on movie screens and spewing filth into our homes through television sets across the fruited plain.

These days, Hollywood makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like a Sunday School picnic. 

As the Good Book reminds us — they will know us by our fruit. And sadly, Hollywood is growing bushels of bad apples and bad actors. 

Even more disgusting is the outright hypocrisy of liberal celebrities and politicians. 

Former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton issued painfully tepid statements condemning Weinstein’s behavior. 

But what about the thousands of dollars he donated to their political campaigns? 

The Boston Herald reports Weinstein raised at least $1.4 million for candidates and PACs since 1990. He personally contributed more than $17,000 to Clinton and more than $45,000 to Obama. 

Two candidates who claimed to be the defender of women’s rights took money from an alleged predator and they don’t have the decency to send back the money? 

When they took Weinstein’s money — they knew exactly who they were jumping into bed with. So spare us the righteous indignation.  

But before all of you folks get too high and mighty — just remember your ticket stubs enable Hollywood’s debauchery. The entertainment industry is only feeding the nation’s insatiable appetite for fifty shades of filth. 

If we really want to change the culture in Hollywood, it has to start in your home — with a simple click of the remote control. 


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