‘I Found Jesus in My Chicken Tikka Masala’

A Jewish man in New York went viral for finding Christ in his curry.

Jeff Jordyn, 52, was enjoying some Indian cuisine when he looked down and saw what looked like Jesus looking back up at him.

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Have you ever had an image of someone or something appear in your food?

“When I saw it, it reminded me of a Pablo Picasso painting,” Jordyn said, according to the New York Post. “I thought it was amusing.”

Jordyn posted a picture on Facebook of the divine look-alike in his soup, which then went viral. The sauce formed to look like a face with eyes, long hair, and even a beard.

“I found Jesus in my chicken tikka masala,” Jordyn put in the caption to the viral image.

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“When I put my fork down it moved a little bit of sauce around the eyes. I didn’t think anything of it, but that actually turned it into Jesus,” Jordyn explained to the Post, saying the sauce resembled how Christ is often portrayed in art. “This is the only time I’ve had someone appear in my food. I’m not real big on divine intervention.”

Commenters on Jordyn’s post said the image in his dish resembled some other famous figures as well. Some of them included Jim Morrison, Jason Momoa, and even Charles Manson.

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Jordyn said he didn’t think divine intervention was one of the ingredients in his meal, calling the whole thing a gag.

“I think it’s just a gag. I think people who do really think that God’s talking to them through their food has real problems and should probably speak to a therapist,” Jordyn said.

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