Justice Alito Moved to ‘Undisclosed Location’ – Breitbart Reports

DEVELOPING STORY: Justice Samuel Alito and his family have reportedly been moved to an undisclosed location, Breitbart reports.

The action comes after radical pro-abortionists called for action to intimidate conservative Supreme Court justices over the looming decision about Roe v. Wade.

TRENDING: Thugs Stage Protest at Homes of Supreme Court Justices

TRENDING: Protesters Block Entrance to Catholic Church in NYC

A draft representing the majority opinion to overturn Roe was written by Alito and leaked to Politico.

Over the weekend ugly protests were staged at the homes of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Bret Kavanaugh.

Last week another leftist group published the home addresses of all the conservative justices.

So far, the White House has refused to condemn the doxing and they have refused to call off the protesters.

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