Thousands Pack Kirk Cameron’s Faith-Based Story Hour After Denied by Woke Library

An Indiana public library held its largest event to date after 2,500 adults and children showed up to Kirk Cameron’s faith-based story hour.

The famous actor and author read his children’s book, “As You Grow” at the Indianapolis Public Library, which initially denied Cameron the “Brave Books Story Hour” event.

“This was the largest event held at the library in its 137 years of existence,” Zac Bell with BRAVE Books, who is with the book’s publisher, said. “The turnout was phenomenal! We were blown away.”

The BRAVE Story Hour account tweeted, “No longer will Christians be silent. No longer will we be shut away.”


Do you support faith-based story hours for kids?

Cameron told the “Todd Starnes Show” this was only one of 50 woke public libraries that denied him but had previously hosted “drag queen story hours” for kids.

The former “Growing Pains” actor is equipping parents to fight back against the woke culture.

“If libraries turn them down the way that they’ve turned me down, I’m showing them how to fight back by using the tools of law like I have,” he said. “In fact, I posted two public letters to those libraries saying, I hope this is just a misunderstanding. Here’s a free copy of my book for you to review. These are values that I think every community could use. And if you continue to exclude certain viewpoints because you don’t like them in the public library, well, then I’m prepared to assert my constitutional rights in court. And I’m hoping that I’ll be making a trip to these libraries soon to read my book.”


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