TSA Cracks Down on Barbecue Sauce in Advance of Memphis BBQ Championship

The TSA (Touching Sensitive Areas people) are cracking down on competitors heading to Memphis for the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest.

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Thousands of professional and amateur pitmasters are expected to participate in the May 11-14 competition — the most renowned in the world.

TSA issued an advisory warning that “barbecue sauces cannot be transported in your carry-on bag.”

The taxpayer-funded, government agency told competitors to pack sauce in their checked luggage.

Now, for the uninformed, Memphis is traditionally a dry-rub town — meaning that prior to smoking we smother our butts in a concoction of secret spices.

That’s a no-no, too.

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“We also recommend that you transport your barbecue seasonings in your checked luggage,” the TSA declared.

Clearly, the TSA doesn’t seem to understand that the safest place to be in America is the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest.

There’s no way the terrorists would get anywhere near that much pork.