University Offers ‘Angry White Male Studies Course’

A woke university class is challenging students to “chart the rise” of the “angry white male” in society.

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Are universities becoming liberal indoctrination centers?

Christopher Forth, the University of Kanas instructor who teaches “Angry White Male Studies,” argues white men are angry because they are “losing their privilege.”

“It’s sometimes said that white men are the angriest of all,” Forth wrote in the course description. “That they feel aggrieved and unable to adjust to changing realities of gender and race for fear of losing their privilege.”

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Further, the professor explained what questions will be explored throughout the class.

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“Like it or not, ‘the angry white male’ is a prominent figure in our cultural imagination and, as such, a phenomenon worthy of study,” Forth continued. “Where does he come from? What’s he angry about? Is his anger misplaced? Is he blaming the right people? How long has this been going on? Is he a global phenomenon? And how do we move forward?”

In addition to teaching this course, Forth teaches history and is the Dean’s professor of humanities.

He also works in the departments of women, sexuality, gender and American studies, per Campus Reform.

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Forth concluded the course description by warning prospective students that his class is not for everyone.

He said the class, “resists the polarizing tendencies of so much that passes for ‘debate’ these days and offers no easy answers. Can’t deal with that? Then this course isn’t for you.”

Rep. Ron Estes (R-KS) previously said the course could violate Title IX for “creating a hostile campus environment based on gender.”

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