VIDEO: Explosion and Fire Reported at Hoover Dam

UPDATE: The City of Boulder City, Nevada tweeted “the fire was extinguished before Boulder City Fire Department arrived on scene.”

An explosion and fire were reported at the Hoover Dam on the border of Nevada and Arizona Tuesday around 10 a.m.

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Kristy Hairston, a tourist, posted footage of the incident which occurred at the lower part of the dam.

“touring the #hooverdam and heard an explosion #fire,” Hairston wrote.

“Boulder City Fire Department is en route to an emergency call at Hoover Dam,” the City of Boulder said in a brief statement. “No further information is available at this time.”

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“The Hoover Dam impounds Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United States. The dam’s generators provide power for public and private utilities in Nevada, Arizona, and California. It’s also a major tourist attraction,” BNO News reports.

This tweet was posted hours before the explosion.

Are you concerned about the Hoover Dam explosion?