WATCH: Lit Road Flare Hurled Into Washington State GOP Rep’s Office

A lit road flare was thrown into the office of a Washington state GOP lawmaker as political violence and domestic terror attacks from the radical left reach alarming levels.

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The crime took place Monday around 4 a.m. Two suspects are seen in footage approaching and breaking the window of the office of State Rep. Andrew Barkis (R) before tossing the flare inside. The individuals promptly fled the scene.

A colleague of Barkis came to his defense along with posting a video of the event on Twitter.

“Last night 2 individuals broke a window and threw a lit flare into the office of my seatmate, Rep. Andrew Barkis,” Rep. J.T. Wilcox wrote. “We have no information about perps or motivation, but I’m very concerned. Thank goodness the flare landed on a masonry floor.”

Lieutenant Paul Lower of the Olympia Police Department said the incident is currently under investigation, Fox News reports. He added that the department pays special attention to potentially politically motived crimes.

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Lower also told Fox that the department is not sure this attack was political, citing a store that was robbed roughly one mile from the lawmaker’s office. The lieutenant suggested that burglars will sometimes create distractions to drive attention from their primary targets.

Barkis is not convinced of the theory. The representative told Fox that this incident is consistent with a slew of other crimes in the region in the last few years committed by far-left groups.

“I’m not quite of the same feeling that somebody would do an arson and burn a building down to just try to rob an antique store,” Barkis said. “It’s a highly charged environment that we live in right now.”

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Barkis continued, ” “My fear is when you look at what’s happened in Olympia, Seattle, and Portland, what’s been their M.O.? The federal building, they’ve thrown incendiary devices, they’ve burned buildings, this is what has been done over the last couple of years so it’s not out of the ordinary.”

Do you think this attack was politically motivated?

This attack certainly is not isolated. In the wake of the leaked draft opinion suggesting the Supreme Court will soon announce the overturn of Roe v. Wade, life-affirming pregnancy centers all over the nation have been attacked and vandalized.

Over the weekend, a crisis pregnancy center in Gresham, Oregon was firebombed and vandalized. A similar attack occurred at a pro-life center in North Carolina last week.

As the violence continues to increase, left-wing groups are posting fliers in Washington D.C. calling for a “night of rage” if the Supreme Court does send the issue of the legality of abortion back to the states.

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