BLOODY! Streisand Shares Sickening Cartoon of Pelosi Impaling Trump

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Emotionally-troubled celebrity Barbra Streisand generated a firestorm on Twitter after she posted a cartoon image depicting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi impaling President Trump with a high heel.

She also called him the “moron-in-chief.” To understand the clinical sickness known as Trump Derangement Syndrome, get a copy of my new book, “Culture Jihad.”

The original cartoon, published by Andy Marlette in JANUARY, included a quote from Cardi B: “These is bloody shoes.”

Marlette, an editorial cartoonist for the Pensacola News Journal, shared his gruesome artwork on Twitter with the message, “Nancy the boss #SAVAGE #TRUMPSHUTDOWN.”

In a separate attack, a leftist athletic company posted images in Times Square of President Trump being hogtied by a female Marine Corps veteran. Click here for that story. 

I could not find any cartoons published by Mr. Marlette that showed President Obama or Speaker Pelosi or any other high-profile Democrats being impaled to death. I’m sure that must be an oversight on my part. Then again…