CANCEL CULTURE: Big Tech Launches Another Attack on Conservatives. Here’s How You Can Fight Back

Over the past two months we have been fielding hundreds of email messages from our readers and listeners regarding Facebook.

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Over the past two months we have been fielding hundreds of disturbing email messages from our readers and listeners regarding Facebook.

“Why can’t I see your stories on my newsfeed,” is the common question many of you have asked. “Facebook won’t allow me to follow you.”

We have reached out to Facebook multiple times seeking an explanation, but they have yet to return our calls.

Our digital team has been working around the clock to analyze data from our Facebook fan page and they have made some disturbing discoveries.

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Since January, our Facebook engagement numbers dropped from more than 1 million to barely 300,000. That’s beyond explanation.

We have not run afoul of the Facebook censors or fact-checkers. All of our stories have “green flags.” That means we are being targeted in some other manner.

When you look at the data it’s clear that someone at Facebook headquarters does not like our content or our politics. And they have decided to stop you from reading our content.

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Don’t get me wrong – I love our Facebook audience and I appreciate the platform that we have built. We want to be a good partner with Facebook and all of our other social media platforms.

However, it appears Big Tech has no interest in free speech or free association. It’s their way or the highway. Intolerance disguised as tolerance.

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