Citizens Form Barricade to Stop Code Enforcement Officers From Entering Fresno Diner

The Fresno Police Department says a group of citizens barricaded the doorway of a popular waffle restaurant and refused to allow code enforcement officers to enter the building.

The owner of the Waffle Shop had reopened his restaurant in violation of the city’s emergency orders. And code enforcement officers were attempting to slap the man with another citation.

“We’re all law-abiding citizens and we’re being treated like criminals,” Waffle Shop owner Ammar Ibrahim told the Fresno Bee.

At least one citizen was arrested when a police officer forcefully shoved his way through the crowd.

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“A bunch of citizens barricaded the doorway,” one officer told the Fresno Bee. 

The individual who was arrested was later released and the case will be submitted to the district attorney’s office for review.

We are not the Covid police.

Police Chief Andrew Hall said in a prepared statement that he was disturbed by the officer’s behavior.

“I am concerned over the manner in which this incident was handled as it doesn’t appear to be consistent with our Department’s policy concerning demonstrations or the directions I have given officers via a Chief’s memorandum for handling enforcement of the Emergency Order,” he said in a prepared statement.

The chief said he has ordered an internal affairs investigation into the incident.