FAITHLESS: Student Told to Turn “Faith Over Fear” Inside Out

A student at Cookeville High School was ordered to turn around his face mask because it was emblazoned with the phrase, “faith over fear.”

“When they walked through the school – they were told to take it off it’s offensive. Turn it around,” Pastor Steve Warren said in a Facebook video.

The Putnam County School District released a statement saying the incident is under investigation.

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“The same dress code standard that applies to t-shirts and other apparel applies to masks as well. The mask would be allowed under our policy,” the said in a statement to Fox 13 in Nashville. “It is not our practice to have students turn masks inside out.”

But the fact is that’s exactly what happened.

“This is not a mask thing,” Pastor Warren stated in a Facebook live video. “They infringed on his right.”

The school district said they have clarified their policy to all teachers and staff to make sure there are no misunderstandings.

“In the event a student wears a mask that is non dress code compliant they are to be supplied with a disposable mask for the day,” they said.