Fox Host Says Christians are Most Persecuted Religious Group in World

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Fox Nation host and best-selling author Rachel Campos-Duffy is under fire from leftists for comments she made on The Todd Starnes Radio Show about people of faith under attack around the globe.

“Christians are the number one persecuted religious group in the world right now,” she told host Todd Starnes.

However, Campos-Duffy is absolutely correct, according to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.

“Churches, which are soft targets, have become targets for terrorists and so we believe this would be a very effective role for our government to come alongside these governments to provide the training that would be a combination of police officers, the law enforcement agencies, the domestic security, along with the houses of worship to provide the security,” says IRF Commissioner Tony Perkins.

Listen to the entire interview above. The conversation with Rachel begins around the 30-minute mark.