WATCH: This is How You Deal With the Leftist Hacks at CNN

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Arizona Sen. Martha McSally is facing backlash from the leftist hacks at CNN after she called them “leftist hacks.”

“Manu, you’re a liberal hack, I’m not talking to you,” McSally told CNN’s Manu Raju earlier in the day.

I’m surprised Anderson “Giggles” Cooper and Lil’ Don Lemon didn’t soil themselves on national television.

God bless Sen. McSally for calling it like it is.

Wolf Blitzer and the squawking magpies over at CNN pitched an on-air hissy fit calling McSally awful and disgusting.

“Instead of answering a fair question, she simply called you a ‘liberal hack.’ It was disgusting, it was awful. She should know better. Certainly, you’re one of the most respected congressional reporters up on Capitol Hill. Walk us through what was going through your mind at that time.”

Blitzer demanded that the Republican lawmaker apologize.

“If they did the right thing, she would personally call you and say, ‘I’m sorry.’ It was an awful, awful thing that she did,” he said.

How about CNN apologize for trying to take down a duly elected president by spreading fake news? How about CNN apologize for the pornographic filth they broadcast on New Year’s Eve? How about CNN apologize for siding with America’s enemies?

McSally defended her remarks on Fox News Channel and said she would not apologize.

“And I said it again actually as I went, I said, ‘you’re a liberal hack, buddy.’ As you know, these CNN reporters, so there’s many of them around the capital, they are so biased, they are so in cahoots with the Democrats, they so can’t stand the president, and they run around trying to chase Republicans and ask trapping questions,” she said.

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