SECRET AUDIO: LA’s Top Doc Says Schools Won’t Reopen Until They’re ‘Done With the Election’

A Southern California radio show obtained an audio recording of Los Angeles County Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer, a Democrat, saying that despite a drop in coronavirus cases, she does not expect schools to reopen until after the elections in November.

She reiterated they would hold off “until we are done with the elections.”


KFI AM 640 reported that Ferrer could be heard in the recording talking about the coronavirus positivity rate and how it is the lowest it has been in the county since the beginning of the pandemic. Deaths are down and hospitalizations are currently under 1,000 in the county.


Ferrer could be heard in the leaked audio talking to school nurses, administrators and other medical professionals essentially giving an update on how the county was dealing with the pandemic.

Ferrer talked about reopening schools in the county and said, “We don’t realistically anticipate that we would be moving to either Tier 2 or to reopening K-12 school at least through, at least until after the election. After, you know, in early November. When we just look at the timing and everything, it seems to us a more realistic approach to this would be to think that we’re going to be where we are now until we get after, until after we’re done with the elections.”

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The hosts on the “John & Ken Show” mocked Ferrer and asked how, medically speaking, the election can be some kind of benchmark for schools to safely reopen.


President Trump has said that Democrats have no interest in reopening schools because they believe any reopening could spark the economy and if the economy is booming by the time the 2020 election rolls around, Joe Biden might as well just stay in his basement.

Republicans have also been critical of teachers’ unions for refusing to go back to work. These unions are seen by detractors as an arm for the Democrat Party and are willing to let families and children suffer just to keep Trump out of office.

“The Democrat LA County Health Director Dr. Ferrer says she doesn’t expect K-12 schools to open until “we’re done with the election.” What magical COVID killing power does Election Day have for it to suddenly be safe for schools to open? Democrats think we’re stupid,” Robby Starbuck posted on Twitter.

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