WATCH: Pro-Life Students Harassed at George Mason University

Video shows members of George Mason University’s (GMU) Students For Life (SFL) chapter being harassed by a pro-abortion student during the school’s club fair.

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In addition to harassing the pro-life students, the video obtained by Campus Reform shows the unnamed individual taking the club’s recruitment material last Wednesday.

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When the club members asked the pro-abortion student to stop harassing them, he replied by saying he was, “exercising his First Amendment rights.”

“He just called everyone names and constantly harassed us, not leaving us alone,” the university’s SFL chapter president Ken Meekins told Campus Reform following the incident.

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At one point, the student attempted to grab the camera from the club’s vice president Isabella Cespedes who was recording the incident.

“It’s a shame that these violent interactions happen because they do impede us from communicating our message and sharing the truth about the violence of abortion,” Cespedes told the outlet.

During an argument with one of the pro-life students, the individual defended his actions by telling the club members, “You took away a woman’s right to choose.”

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Additionally, towards the end of the video, the individual finally admitted to throwing the club’s materials in a trash can and the pro-life students were allegedly able to retrieve them.

Cespedes ensured Campus Reform that the club would continue to share its message with their peers at GMU.

“We’re [going to] be continuing to be out here speaking to different people regarding how the babies in the womb do deserve human rights just like any other human,” she said.  

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