Todd Starnes Show Recap - Aug 3

The Todd Starnes Show had an all-star line up on Thursday's show which airs Monday through Friday 12-3 PM EST live on!

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Elvis Cookie Recipe:

The following recipe was originated by Duff Goldman and presented to us by Wes the Intern’s mom – Jennifer Kopas

3 cups sugar, 1 cup butter, 1 cup peanut butter, 2 tablespoons molasses, 1 tablespoon vanilla extract, big pinch of baking powder, 2 teaspoons kosher salt, 3 very ripe bananas, 2 ½ cups flour, 1 ¼ cup chocolate chips, 5oz of broken pretzels, 10 strips of finely chopped crisp bacon.

Chill dough. Bake for 12 or 13 mins at 350F on a greased cookie sheet.

2:50 PM Saying goodbye to Wes the Fox News Radio intern as he heads back to Liberty University:

"It's been a really exciting time -- I get to be on the radio with Todd Starnes! I struck opportunity, that's for sure!" Wes said on The Todd Starnes Show on his final day.

2:35 PM The Leaks Have to Stop! 

2:15 PM Grant Wolf, the leader of the Young Americans for Freedom on SMU:

“Someone had clearly been offended and complained and the university caved to their pressure," Wolf said. Read the full story here!

2:00 PM A Michigan school district sent a letter to students banning them from wearing any clothing adorned with an America flag. Meanwhile, Southern Methodist University is defending its decision to move a 9/11 display over fears it might trigger sensitive students. Call 888-788-9910 to voice your opinion.


Chick-fil-A riot video:

1:40 PM Paul E Vallely, Ret. Major General in the U.S. Army and founder of Stand Up America:

"I would fire him today," Major General (Ret.) Vallely said of a defiant commandant regarding Trump's transgender military ban. General Vallely says social engineering doesn't belong in the military. He adds that "morale is so high right now" under President Trump.

1:35 PM A Coast Guard commandant says he will defy President Trump’s directive to ban transgender military personnel. Todd says the commandant should be relieved of his command and tossed out of the military. Call 888-788-9910 to voice your opinion.

1:10 PM Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant to the President:

Gorka: Just how asinine do you have to be ... "Reality is optional." "The American people see through this Fake News American industrial complex," Gorka said of the mainstream media's obsession with Trump-Russia collusion. Gorka highlighted the Trump administration's highlights from the DOW to the decrease in illegal immigration. "If that commandant wears the uniform, he has one commander, and that is the Commander-in-Chief." Gorka said Obama's social engineering in the military ended on January 20th with President Trump.


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12:30 PM Ruben Navarrette, Washington Post Columnist:

Navarrette believes Trump’s immigration policy is bad for America, but he also called out CNN's White House correspondent. "Jim Acosta really went off the rails equating English to a race." Navarrette says although not all immigrants assimilate, second and third generation Americans speak English. He says English always wins out and so does America. 

12:05 PM Todd Starnes Monologue: CNN Thinks Putting Americans First Is Racist:

Todd scourged CNN's "Little Jimmy Acosta" for his spat with Trump aide Stephen Miller at the White House press briefing about Trump's proposed immigration reform. "English is not a race," Todd said, noting that CNN's programming last night was all in English. 

Todd spoke to the Young America's Foundation in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday:

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