RITA COSBY: The Jan. 6 Hearings are Going to be a ‘Dog and Pony Show’

The Jan. 6 hearings are a partisan, political charade complete with a producer coming to help the Democrats further their false narrative, WABC’s Rita Cosby said on the Todd Starnes Show.

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TODD STARNES: [00:33:11] All right. Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. This is the Todd Starnes Radio Show. We’re on the road today in New York City. We’re broadcasting from the incredible palatial studios of WABC Radio, and we very well may be sitting where Rita Cosby gets to do her show every day. Rita Cosby has an incredible program here on this radio station. She is syndicated nationally, and she joins us today. Rita, what an honor to hang out with you today.

RITA COSBY: I am so thrilled that you’re in the Big Apple and I’m glad you’re warming up my seat. That’s a good one, I have like the best warm-up act now, today, that you’re here in town. I love this Todd.

STARNES: Rita, I’m just loving the facilities here. You guys have, I don’t if you realize this, but the fully stocked snack bar, you’ve got the cereal bar. This is like, you know, NPR level, you know, except it’s paid for without tax dollars.

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COSBY: Exactly. And don’t forget, there’s a little bit of water sometimes. There’s a little bit of wine, all these things make the show so much better. I know you missed it. I was waiting for you to find that, Todd.

STARNES: Jeez A-loo. Yeah. Look. Well, you know what, Rita? We will reciprocate. We’re going to get you down to Memphis and we’ll take you out to some great barbecue joints How’s that?

COSBY: I can’t wait. By the way, I love Memphis. You know, I’m a Southern fan. I went to the University of South Carolina. I used to work in North Carolina. I love Tennessee. It’s one of my favorite states in the entire world. So I understand that you and a couple of the other guys said that they will take me out for some sweet tea and some great barbecue and that, you know the best places. So I am so excited to do that.

STARNES: Oh, we got you covered. Then it’s off to, you know, Beale Street for some R&B over at B.B. King’s. We got you covered.

COSBY: I can’t wait. I can’t wait. By the way, you know, it’s so funny. Last time I was in Memphis, true story, Todd. And this is very funny because you and I go back so many years, I go into a bar in Beale Street and they see me coming in and they were very funny. The guy on the stage was a fan of mine and he’s like, Rita Cosby is in the house. She did the greatest interview. And I’m thinking, okay, who is he going to be talking about? Is it what world leader that I’ve interviewed or what this person that I’ve interviewed through the years? And he’s like, she freed Dog the bounty hunter. And the whole place started cheering. She freed the Dog. She freed the Dog because that was one of the stories that I did, of course, Famous Dog The Bounty Hunter, and helped get him out of prison when he was held unlawfully in Mexico. But it was so funny that that’s what they were chanting. And the last time I was in Memphis. So I have great memories of Memphis.

STARNES: I love it. Well, Rita, again, thank you for the hospitality here at ABC. And I will say that it’s my first time back in New York City. I lived in Brooklyn for 15 years and left during the pandemic. And I was just impressed with how the average New Yorkers have gone on with their lives. Not many people are wearing masks. People seem to be back to some semblance of normal aside from the crime situation here.

COSBY: Yeah, absolutely. I think, you know, first of all, New Yorkers are tough. You know that I was born in Brooklyn, by the way, Gerritsen Beach, Marine Parkway. And New Yorkers are also just so fed up. I mean, we got hit hard, obviously, by the pandemic economically, health-wise, on so many different levels. But the minute the word was, hey, you can lift the masks, you can lift the this, I think it was like the loudest sigh of relief in the entire world. And many people had already started doing that, of course, already. But as you talked about, the one thing, and I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this, Todd, because you did spend so much time in New York. It saddens me still to see that there are still a lot of businesses that are closed down. Lots of restaurants still have not gotten back fully. And also the crime, I mean, homeless people, crime, all these issues, it’s just gotten, that to me is really, really sad. And I think, you know, so many people are moving to places like Memphis, Tennessee, moving to Florida, moving to places like that because the crime has just become unbearable. And so many of the political views also in New York have just made it so difficult. I mean, you know, we finally got rid of the soft-on-crime DA in San Francisco. I was cheering loudly when Chesa Boudin got the boot. There’s still a whole bunch more that need to get the boot that are all backed by George Soros, including Alvin Bragg in New York City.

STARNES: No, you’re right. I mean, and has been a big problem. It’s the Soros-backed DA’s and there was literally an incident where somebody was beaten over the head with a baseball bat and the guy was able to walk out of jail. He didn’t have to post bond, didn’t have to do anything. You know, one of my favorite TV shows is Blue Bloods. Rita, I don’t watch that much network TV, but of course, it’s based on a fictionalized version of the New York City police commissioner. And I was very impressed that they actually addressed those kinds of issues from the perspective of the police and defending the police.

COSBY: And, you know, they are one of the few shows that do that. I love Blue Bloods also, Todd. It is such an awesome show and they’re one of the few that do that. We need to back our police. You know, I talk to law enforcement officers every single day in New York and they feel so demoralized. They feel so frustrated. And even though, yeah, we have a new mayor and he’s also a former police captain. So he has been able to bridge over both, if you will, you know, talking to the police, talking to the community. But the problem is we have a soft on crime. D.A. Alvin Bragg, again, another Soros guy. And right now in New York, by the way, you cannot do a recall in New York. The governor can remove Alvin Bragg, but that’s it. We can’t do an actual vote for a recall like you can in San Fran, like you can in L.A. as you can in other places. But so far, the governor here has said, well, I’m going to give Alvin Bragg some slack. I’m going to sort of see where it goes. Well, you know, New York is still going downhill and crime is still so bad and police just still feel so frustrated. And I am so happy, by the way, that you talked about Blue Bloods, because one of the things that I love doing on my show and, you know, I do this every night, is we do a segment called Back the Blue because there is not a single day, especially living in New York City. And it’s in cities all over the country where you feel that crime is so bad and that I don’t say thank goodness for our great men and women in blue who are protecting us each and every day, still getting underpaid, still getting demoralized, still basically working with one hand tied behind their back. But yet every day they put on the uniform and they are so proud to protect all of us. And thank God we have so many great men and women in New York and other big cities around the country that want to protect us and still want to do that job every day. And we’re so lucky. And I love every night on the show, I do a tribute to different law enforcement agencies and great law enforcement officers for what they do every single day. Because I want Americans to realize it’s obviously fighting crime. It’s responding to, you know, car accidents. There are so many things that law enforcement does and they get so unappreciated and they need to be appreciated and also just shine a light on. And I hope we can do that in any way we can.

STARNES: Rita Cosby, is the host of The Rita Cosby Show, syndicated nationally. You can hear her on WABC, KWAM in Memphis, Tennessee, and Rita. I know a lot of people are going to be listening later this evening to hear your take on the hearings tonight, which you’re calling a dog and pony show.

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COSBY: Oh, big-time dog and pony show. This is so incredible. And you know what gets my ire and you know me, I never hold back on speaking my mind, Todd. Here it is. It’s been 24 hours since that guy was arrested for trying to kill a Supreme Court justice, Brett Kavanaugh. President of the United States, Biden has said nothing about it, nothing about it. And then tonight, we’re going to see the Democrats with, as you appropriately said, a dog and pony show. It is such a partisan witch hunt and it is such selective outrage. Here they’re going after, you know, here are the people who were at the Capitol that day. By the way, a guy was arrested today. I’m sure you saw this. A Republican candidate, Ryan Kelly, he’s one of the candidates for Michigan governor. He was arrested with a misdemeanor for telling people to go into the Capitol, kind of guiding them. He wasn’t even in there himself. If that isn’t, sort of, a big charade here, it happens a few hours before the hearing that they do this arrest of this candidate, a Republican candidate for governor of Michigan. My goodness. But what they are doing this outrageous, oh, this is the worst yet. Where were they? Even yesterday, this guy was about to kill a Supreme Court justice. They should be protesting like holy heaven over that. They should make sure that nobody is protesting outside his house, as they did even last night. Again, even after that assassination attempt. They don’t do that. And I still don’t hear them condemning the terrible riots that destroyed cities like New York City in the summer of 2020. I mean, you look back at some of the rhetoric of what they were saying, Chuck Schumer, saying there will be a price to pay. You know, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, that kind of rhetoric. I mean, by the Democrat standard, there should be January 6th hearings for him, for Pelosi, for Maxine Waters. The list goes on and on. It is so partisan, so political. And it’ll be interesting to see, I think, the show that they’ll put on tonight, because they’ve, of course, brought in this former ABC News executive to help them with sort of the bells and whistles, if you will. I’ll be watching just to see what they do. But to me, it is just so disgustingly partisan and I would have so much more respect for the Democrats if they were equal opportunity on riots and they are selectively picking and choosing what they want to target and blindly ignoring things that are major, major issues.

STARNES: No. These are all excellent points. And again, it is going to be a dog and pony show. It is going to be a very well-produced made-for-TV experience, dramatic music, you know, the close-ups the whole night. You know, I guarantee you the most profitable business today in Washington, D.C., hair and makeup artist. Right?

COSBY: Yeah, exactly. You’re right. No, no. Who gets the most hair and makeup? Chuck Schumer or Jamie Raskin or Nancy Pelosi? What do you think? Who did it?

STARNES: Who are you wearing? Is that going to be asked at all tonight? Who are you wearing?

COSBY: Oh, yeah, that would be the red carpet interviews.

Do you think the Jan. 6 hearings are a charade?

STARNES: Oh, that’s got to be it. By the way, speaking of the red carpet, I love the red carpet out there in the elevator bank here at WABC.

COSBY: Isn’t that a great way every time you walk in, and also the history, too. I hope that you get a chance today, and I know that you’re such a history lover. But the history of WABC is legendary. And I love every time we get off the elevators, you see the red carpet, but then the big screens on there will show the whole history. Going back to, you know, some of the first of all, the legendary hosts that WABC has had through the years that is truly the most iconic station in the country. And it’s almost like it’s like a walking history Book of America. And WABC was right there on the front row every time. It’s been incredible and it’s an honor to be a part of it. And I’m so thrilled that you are here. So now it’s even better now that we have the great Todd Starnes Show here, too.

STARNES: Alright. Rita Cosby. Folks listen to her on the radio, on podcasts, and all sorts of great stuff. We have links to Rita’s pages over at toddstarnes.com and the live show blog. All right, Rita, we will see you on the radio.

COSBY: Thank you. And welcome to New York, my friend. Welcome back.

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