Liberty University Stands Unapologetically on the Word of God, Says Ryan Helfenbein

Liberty University is opposing the woke Left by standing on biblical values, Ryan Helfenbein, the executive director of the Standing for Freedom Center, said on the “Todd Starnes Show” Tuesday.

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Helfenbein, who is also the vice president of communications and public engagement at Liberty University, praised Liberty University President Jerry Prevo for his leadership.

“I want to give credit to Dr. Jerry Prevo who is basically recasting the vision of Dr. Falwell, biblically based,” he said.

Liberty President Jerry Prevo walks around the Vines Center to welcome those in attendance at New Student Convocation on Friday. (Photo by Chase Gyles)
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“We stand unapologetically on the Word of God, and we’re not afraid to go right on the cutting edge of cultural front line issues and training that next generation against, you know, all the machinations of the woke left but doing so with the Word of God, something that doesn’t change regardless of where the culture might rest,” Helfenbein added. “We’re standing firm.”

Host Todd Starnes said Liberty is “training champions for Christ,” the university’s motto, as they just welcome their second-largest incoming class in school history.


Below is a rushed transcript from the Todd Starnes Show:

TODD STARNES: Our good friend Ryan Helfenbein from the Standing for Freedom Center, Ryan, hope you’re doing good.

RYAN HELFENBEIN: I’m doing great Todd, this wonderful afternoon in Virginia, it’s beautiful weather outside.

STARNES: Nice to hear that! I know the students are back at Liberty University, and you’re raising up some great patriots there, champions for Christ, which is the motto of Liberty University.

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HELFENBEIN: That’s exactly right! Training champions for Christ, and as a matter of fact this is our second largest on record incoming student body. Last year was our largest and we have the largest residential population at any given time so we are on the up and up and up.

STARNES: And that’s a good thing for the country because you guys at Liberty are just doing an incredible job, I mean, we’ve enjoyed a long partnership with Liberty, and one of the reasons that we really respect what’s happening there is that you guys are educating the next generation of American Patriots.

HELFENBEIN: Yeah, we really are, and I want to give credit to Dr. Jerry Prevo who is basically recasting the vision of Dr. Falwell, biblically based, we stand unapologetically on the Word of God. And we’re not afraid to go right on the cutting edge of cultural front line issues and training that next generation against, you know, all the machinations of the woke left but doing so with the Word of God, something that doesn’t change regardless of where the culture might rest, we’re standing firm.


STARNES: Standingforfreedom.com is the website ladies and gentlemen. You know, Ryan a couple of days ago a couple of Ivy League professors wrote a New York Times essay. They say the Constitution is broken and should not be reclaimed. Are you surprised that that sort of argument is out there in the public realm?

HELFENBEIN: No, I’m not at all, because the Constitution is what stands in the way of them basically reshaping our entire country and claiming western civilization. You know, the Constitution along with the family, along with the Church, along with these other traditional institutions stands as a document, it’s not perfect as the Bible is, but it stands as a document that protects our sacred rights and one of those is the freedom of speech, you know, the freedom of conscience, religious liberty, all of those things. In order to fundamentally change this country, they have to get rid of the Constitution. That’s why they hate it so desperately.

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STARNES: And again, looking long term here, that’s the goal. I mean, Barrack Obama announced, back when he was running for the White House in 2007, he wanted to fundamentally transform America. And a lot of people, I don’t really think they understood, Ryan, what he was talking about at the time.

HELFENBEIN: Yeah, you know, if people were paying close attention, and few were, they heard the sound clips of Jeremiah Wright, United Church of Christ, there in Chicago, Liberation Theology was what undergirded a lot of his thinking on these issues. It’s a radical Marxist blend sort of with Christianity, that pulls those together, and today a part of the radical left is Critical Race Theory and Critical Theory. It’s all about deconstruction and dismantling our sacred institutions. That’s exactly what was happening. That project started decades ago, and certainly we had ideologues like Barrack Obama who were pushing that agenda.

STARNES:  Ryan Helfenbein from the Standing for Freedom Center at Liberty University joins us. Ryan, a lot of news about this FBI raid at Mar a Lago. JustTheNews.com is now reporting that contrary to earlier reports, the Biden administration not only knew about the raid but may have, in fact, instigated it. Any surprise there?

HELFENBEINNo, because it’s right underneath the Department of Justice. You know, when you think about the history of the FBI and again, I’m not trying to undermine our institutions, but when you think about the history going all the way back to John F Kennedy and Woodrow Wilson, there have been moments where it has been used as a political actor and not enforcing equal protection under the law. 

STARNES: It’s absolutely insane. And when you look back at the history of the FBI and Donald Trump, from day one, they’ve declared war on him. And time and time again, every accusation they’ve made against the president and then even as a candidate, did not stand up at the end of the day. Leading a lot of people to suggest that this is all political in nature. 

HELFENBEINYes. I mean, 90 days within the midterms, you know, what are we left to think other than it was for political purposes and political gain? And I’ll just add, too, that they had videos released as early as spring of 2021 that were projecting a whole woke agenda at the FBI in terms of their intersectional qualifications for recruiting new agents. So there you go. 

STARNES: All right, Ryan, what are you guys are working on at the Standing for Freedom Center? Well, we’ve got a. 

SHELFENBEIN Well, we’ve got a big national conference coming up in November and something that we’re looking forward to. And we’re also, again, training up and recruiting a new generation of those happy warriors who will defend biblical truth in every avenue of life, whatever profession they’re going into. And I just remind your listeners at Liberty University, we have over 700 degree programs and over 130,000 students. Now is a great time to investigate and to look into opportunities to continue your education, whether it be for adults, or young students. We have Liberty Online Academy, Todd with over 10,000 students. That’s K through 12 throughout the country. And that’s not just homeschooling. That’s basically a classroom from your living room where a teacher is assigned to your student.

STARNES: That’s fantastic, look at great opportunities no matter your age and where you’re at in the education process. And that’s one of the great things we love about Liberty University. And you’re getting a quality education, the best in the nation at Liberty University. 

HELFENBEIN:  That is absolutely right. 

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