STARNES: Jeffress Says He Has Evidence IRS Will Target Churches

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A disturbing revelation coming from Dr. Robert Jeffress. – the pastor of First Baptist Church Dallas Texas. 

Pastor Jeffress tells me the Internal Revenue Service is about to start targeting Christians — and he has the evidence. 

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He said pastors who preach about marriage and biblical sexuality will face the possibility that their tax-exempt status could be revoked. 

Most recently a ministry called Christians Engaged was flagged by the IRS – their tax-exempt status denied because they followed – and I quote – Bible teachings affiliated with the Republican Party. 

“They’re going to say ‘when you preach certain things or allow certain things to be said from your pulpit that is politics and therefore disqualifies you from tax-exempt status,’” said Jeffress. “That is being tested right now by the IRS. I have absolute impeccable inside sources that there is some test cases going on right now.”

Do you think Biden is targeting Christians?

It’s strange to imagine such a thing — but the Democrats have an ugly history of using the IRS as their attack dog. During the Obama Administration – they actually audited Billy Graham — America’s preacher. 

So if Billy Graham was fair game — the rest of us are doomed. 

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