‘Legal to Kill Babies’: Montana Rejects Measure to Save Infants

Conservatives are slamming Montana for voting down a ballot measure that would’ve ensured medical care for infants after birth or a botched abortion.

Legislative Referendum 131, put forth by Republican State Rep. Matt Regier, asked citizens if the state should recognize an infant born alive as a “legal person” and impose criminal penalties on medical professionals who don’t provide adequate care to the child.

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Should babies born alive get legal protections?

The Associated Press called the race Thursday with 95 percent of the vote in, 52.4 percent voted “no” and 47.6% percent voted “yes.”

Many online were upset and shocked at the results.

“I’m horrified that even ONE person would vote in Montana to deny babies healthcare after they’ve already been born,” pro-life activist Abby Johnson tweeted. “They’re basically saying they want the babies left out to die. We need Jesus to save our nation. Desperately.”

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Robby Starbuck said, “Montana voted to let babies die. Let that sink in. All this would have done is force doctors to give care to a living human baby, including if they’re born alive after an abortion. What a dark, horrific day.”

Conservative commentator Marina Medvin, who is a defense attorney, tweeted, “Police are required to give medical care to homicidal maniacs who shoot at them. Society demands that convicted serial killers be given medical care and food in prison. But Montana says that innocent babies should not be given milk or medical care. This doesn’t compute.”

Conservative actor James Woods said, “For a state to vote against compassionate care for an infant born alive is unimaginable, expected MAYBE from the usual moral hellholes like NY and CA, of course, but Montana?!  The Left’s war on the unborn is legendary, grooming now sadly part of their jihad, but outright murder?”

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Ian Miles Cheong said, “It’s now legal to kill babies in Montana. America is so f—–.”

The ACLU celebrated the measure’s defeat:

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