Trump: I’m So Disappointed in Fox

The criticism of Fox News host Chris Wallace’s performance during the Cleveland debate for allegedly showing favoritism for Joe Biden continued on Wednesday with former colleagues taking issue with the effort.

Last night President Trump lashed out at Fox News Channel – pointing out that he was debating two people on Tuesday night.

‘”‘m so disappointed in Fox,” Trump told a campaign crowd in Minnesota.


KT McFarland, the former deputy national security adviser for President Trump, told the “Todd Starnes Show” that Wallace had a “lousy debate plan” and never got control of the evening.

“Chris Wallace is clearly on Biden’s side,” she said.

She said most of the media loathes the president and don’t believe that the same fairness standards apply when dealing with Trump, who they say constantly lies. But she said one of the most troubling aspects about the debate was that Wallace will likely be the fairest moderator Trump will see.

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“Here’s what the next debate is going to be like, they [the moderators] are going to look at Donald Trump and say, ‘Why did you kill 200,000 people?’ And then they’re going to turn to Joe Biden and say, ‘Mr. Vice President, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?’”


Trish Regan, the former Fox Business host, said it was unusual for colleagues at the network to publicaly criticize a co-worker. Network stars Greg Gutfeld, Brian Kilmeade and contributor Andrew McCarthy all criticized the debate.


“These are people that are still working there right?” Regan said. “And they have to pass him in the hallways,” she said. She continued, “There’s definitely some friction, I guess.”


Wallace has a reputation of being a tough interviewer regardless of the guest’s party affiliation. Biden has, in the past, been called out by Wallace for not appearing on his show. It is no doubt challenging to try and maintain a fluid discussion while candidates try to shout over one another is no doubt a challenging task.

Regan, who moderated two Republican presidential debates herself, said that is that it is the job of any debate moderator to be fair to both sides. She said that she didn’t take away very much from the debate.

“My problem, too, I think fundamentally with this… I didn’t hear enough in terms of policy. Joe Biden just kept criticizing him [Trump] saying, ‘He doesn’t have a plan.’ Well, what’s your plan Joe? If I were moderator I would have thrown it right back at him and said, ‘OK let’s talk about this.’”

Reagan said she thinks the two minute back and forth between candidates is no longer viable and spontaneous interactions should be more welcomed during these debates.

Harry Hurley, the radio host, said the Fox News people who went after Wallace after the debate are all good people and it is very rare to get that kind of backlash Then he said he believed they did it because the debate was so unusual.

Hurley said Trump had to deal with “haymakers” and we’re still waiting for Biden’s first tough question. He said the one question that Biden actually had to respond to was about whether or not he would pack the Supreme Court after the election and he didn’t give an answer.

“When you’re running to be the president of the United States, you get asked questions. You can’t just say, ‘I’m not going to answer that,’” he said.

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