America Needs a Killer in the WH, Not a Nice Guy, Lewandowski Tells Todd Starnes

Cory Lewandowski, a senior adviser to the Trump reelection campaign, told the “Todd Starnes Show” on Monday that the president is the right person for the job in 2020 because the country doesn’t need a “nice guy” in the White House, but instead needs someone who will be a “killer” for the country on the world stage.

The Trump campaign is ready to hit the final stretch before Election Day and—even though polls were misleading in 2016—President Trump has some ground to gain on Joe Biden. The two candidates are about to face off during the first presidential debate on Tuesday, the same day that Lewandowski’s new book, which was co-written with David Bossie, a fellow senior campaign adviser, titled, “Trump: America First.”


Lewandowski told Todd Starnes, the host of the program, that Trump made good on his promise to keep America his top priority and will continue to be a fighter for all Americans.

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“Todd, I don’t want a kind man as our president. We tried that with Jimmy Carter. It didn’t work. You know who I want? I want a killer,” Lewandowski said. “I want somebody who instills fear in our enemies and makes sure our allies know that they can’t take advantage of us. That’s what this president has been able to do. He wakes up every day with a very simple philosophy it’s called America First.”

The two brushed off a recent “blockbuster” report in the New York Times that said the president—a real estate billionaire—paid no income taxes in 10 of the past 15 years. The paper attempted to present the findings as some kind of massive blow to Trump, but Bossie said voters see the paper’s motives.


“The New York Times hates this president they were determined to defeat him in 2016 and they failed,” Bossie said. He said most Americans, correctly, view the paper as nothing more than a Democratic super PAC.

The interview touched on several topics, including the new book, which Lewandowski said lets readers behind the scenes during flights on Air Force One and rallies.

“We tell you what it’s like to build a juggernaut of a campaign, only to move the whole thing online,” he said. He said they also review Biden’s failed record while in office. He said Hunter Biden, the son of the former vice president, might have made billions in banking on his father’s position in the Obama White House, and yet the media just looks away.

Lewandowski has said that Trump’s nomination for Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court has implications for the upcoming election due to the potential that millions of ballots will not be returned as of Election Day. He said Trump has every right to nominate and confirm Barrett and the fight taking place in Washington, D.C., is simply partisan politics.

“This book, ‘Trump: America First,’ is a very simple philosophy: It’s taking care of us first as opposed to taking care of everybody else,” he said.

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