Trump Would Make Everyday Americans Safe Again: Liz Harrington

Former President Trump would “fix” the crime and lawlessness plaguing the nation under President Biden, Trump’s spokeswoman Liz Harrington said on the Todd Starnes Show Wednesday.


Below is a rushed transcript from the Todd Starnes Show, which airs noon to 3 p.m. nationwide:

Starnes: [00:41:14] I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Great to have with us from team Trump, our good friend Liz Harrington. Liz, hope you’re doing well today. [00:41:21][6.9]

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Harrington: [00:41:22] Hey, Todd. I’m great. How are you? [00:41:24][1.6]

Starnes: [00:41:24] You know, I’m doing a lot better after the president’s fine remarks yesterday in Washington, D.C. I thought I thought he did a great job hammering home the issues, not focusing on the election this go around, but focusing on the issues at hand, liz. [00:41:41][16.9]

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Harrington: [00:41:43] Well, there’s so much to discuss. And he really nailed something that is affecting Americans on a daily basis regardless of where they live. I mean, you just talked about the grocery store prices. I mean, inflation, gas prices. But what’s almost getting neglected is the issue of crime and the lawlessness that’s going on. And that’s something that he really wanted to hammer down on and gave seven concrete policy changes that would fix the situation tomorrow and would show that America is a safe country to live in again. And quite frankly, right now it’s not. And it’s horrific what’s going on. And he went into really gruesome detail, but it’s necessary to do these stories of just average Americans that have fallen victim to these lawless policies. And make no mistake, I mean, these are policies by Democrats, radicals, Leftists in cities, but they’ve really spread out everywhere that they’re just letting criminals reign and run on the streets. The law abiding are punished and the normal average American becomes the victim. And he laid it all out there. I think it was very powerful. And he gave concrete steps of how it could all be fixed quite easily. It was very strong. And he was really enjoying, I think being at this summit. There was a lot of good energy and buzz in the room being back, you know, in the nation’s capital for the first time. And he really gave a strong speech. Everyone should go back and take a listen to it if they missed it. [00:43:44][121.2]

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Starnes: [00:43:44] I want to play a couple of clips here. This is President Trump talking about sending in the National Guard. [00:43:50][5.5]

President Trump: [00:43:51] And where there is a true and total breakdown of law and order, where citizens most basic rights have been violated, then the federal government can and should send the National Guard to restore order and secure the peace without having to wait for the approval of some governor that thinks it’s politically incorrect to call him in. [00:44:10][19.2]

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Starnes: [00:44:11] Liz, you know, I heard the president say that and I thought, wait, Mr. President, send them to Memphis, Tennessee — my hometown where where we’ve been controlled by progressives for generations. And it’s it’s a war zone out there. You know, just the other day, we had a methodist minister who was carjacked in her front yard, carjacked and then shot to death by a 15 year old boy who was wearing an ankle monitor because he had been arrested a couple of months before for another carjacking. And yet this 15 year old is out on the streets and you got all these people saying you’ve got to treat this kid like a juvenile. This poor little child. No, he’s a cold blooded killer. And I think that’s what the president is trying to say here. We’ve got to shock the system here and we’ve got to get crime under control. [00:44:57][46.3]

Harrington: [00:44:59] Absolutely. I mean, in the stories that I mentioned, you know, pregnant women unloading just from her baby shower and just killed it right there in broad daylight. You’ve got all these awful things that are happening on a daily basis. What you just mentioned and this is this can’t happen in America. I mean, every American deserves the peace of mind to be able to, you know, go out when they want to and go to the store and not be afraid that something’s going to happen. I mean, let their kids play in their in their own yards, I mean, you can’t you can’t do it anymore. I mean, what kind of a country are we living in this because we’ve become so soft on crime, these radical prosecutors that aren’t going after the real criminals and they’re going after the law abiding. And then you saw what happened in New York where that bodega owner just, you know, protecting his own life. it’s on camera. Any, you know, person with a heart and soul watches that video and knows what’s going on here and who’s the victim and who’s the perpetrator. And yet the victim is the one who ended up in jail. Thankfully, because of public attention to that case. And he was sent to Rikers Island. It’s unbelievable. He’s an immigrant trying to make a living. [00:46:25][85.8]

Starnes: [00:46:26] But Liz, think about this. It’s the same state. You’re right. The bodega owner, an innocent guy who was physically attacked in his store… So he’s in jail for defending his own life. Meanwhile, you have the guy who tried to attack Congressman Lee Zeldin, and he was let go, walking the streets. [00:46:47][21.1]

Harrington: [00:46:48] Total upside down, you know, call evil, good and good evil. That’s what it is. I mean, that is just plain and simple. It’s just wrong. And, you know, President Trump just really went after this issue because it needs to be said and we can’t shy away from these issues and we need to call them out. And the way he spoke about, you know, what has been happening to our cities, how they just let them be taken over. The, you know, law abiding store owner has to close their business because the city and the government have just let every city block become a homeless encampment and drugs and everything pouring out of our streets. I mean, that’s just it’s just wrong. And he wasn’t — President Trump didn’t shy away from these types of issues and said, we got to clean these places out. We need to get people out. But we need we can’t have this. It’s a total breakdown of civilization and society. And it is just not the America. I know you said it wasn’t so much focused on elections, but look, when your elections start to look like a third world country, don’t be surprised when the rest of the country follows. And that’s where it all starts. When you have a breakdown of the rule of law, when you have a politicized justice system, when you have, you know, votes that don’t, the illegitimate votes count and legitimate votes don’t, that there’s all basic fundamental stuff. And if we don’t restore integrity to our legal system and our voting system, nothing will change. That’s all tied together. [00:48:35][107.4]

Starnes: [00:48:37] Liz Harrington on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Liz, real quick, the report coming out last night from Washington Post. They’re alleging their sources are telling them that the justice department is looking at President Trump in connection with a criminal probe. The president came out guns ablazing on Truth So [00:48:56][19.3]

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