LISTEN LIVE: Border Patrol Chief Says He Will Not Comply With Demands to Stop Using Terms Like “Illegal Alien”

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Todd’s Guests:

12:35 pm et – Emerald Robinson, Newsmax White House Correspondent

1:05 pm et – Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA)

CLICK HERE to Check Out Representative Hinson’s Website

1:35 pm et – Rep. Andy Biggs, Freedom Caucus & Border Security chair

CLICK HERE to Check Out Representative Biggs’ Website

2:05 pm et – Senator Steve Daines, (R-MT)

CLICK HERE to Check Out Senator Daines’ Website

2:35 pm et – Governor Bill Lee (R-TN)

CLICK HERE to Check Out Governor Lee’s Website

Todd’s Stack of Stuff:

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WAS IT A SETUP? CEO Denies Harassing Gay Teen Wearing Prom Dress

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee Tells Large Counties to Lift Mask Mandates by Memorial Day

Border Patrol Chief Resists Biden: ‘I Cannot’ Comply With Demand To Use Non-Legal Immigration Terms

NY Radio Host Tells Audience ‘F*** The Police,’ Then Allegedly Rams NYPD Officer, Killing Him, Before Speeding Away

VP Harris Talks U.S. Border Crisis with Finland’s President Before Talking to Salvadoran, Honduran Leaders

Arkansas Lawmakers Approve Bill Barring Enforcement of Federal Gun Control

Biden Cuts Off Reporters: “I’m Really Gonna Be in Trouble”

Report: Hunter Biden to Guest Teach Tulane University Class on ‘Fake News’ this Fall

CHUCK E. CHEESE BEATDOWN: Why are Americans Behaving Like Neanderthals?

ESPN Continues To Say Racism Is The Reason For Lack Of Black Quarterbacks In The NFL

VIDEO: Black Professor Writes About Gassing and Blowing Up White People

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