Starnes: I Would’ve Thrown Mayor Pete Out of the Studio

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Pete Buttigieg portrays himself as a folksy, ‘awe shucks’, small-town mayor, but on Sunday – we got to see Mayor Pete for who he really is – a radical leftist who supports late term abortions and wants to erase our Founding Fathers.

This guy is a culture jihadist who wants to turn American values and traditions into rubble. I write about this in my upcoming book – and you should pre-order “Culture Jihad” right now! 

Mayor Pete wants you to believe he’s Mayberry – when in fact he’s hardcore Berkeley.

But that’s not what I want to address right now. Mayor Pete took some cheap shots at my colleagues Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham.

The guy is a low-class jerk. Taking advantage of the good will and massive platform we have at Fox News Channel. We gave that guy something he never had at CNN or MSNBC – an actual audience.

If Mayor Pete wants to slam Tucker or Laura – he should man-up and do it on their television shows – face to face. But no – he took the cowards way out.

What happened during that town hall was pathetic – but not all that surprising. The day before the Town Hall he released this statement:

“I strongly condemn the voices on Fox and the media that uncritically amplify hate and the divisive sort of politics that gave rise to the presidency. Their goal is spread fear and lies, not serve as honest brokers with the American people,” he wrote.

Now, that’s a load of Grade-A fertilizer, folks.

But if that’s what Mayor Pete really thinks about us — we have to assume that he was willing to sacrifice his morals, his code of honor — just because of the size of our audience.

In other words, Mayor Pete’s character is fleeting.

I want you to know something about my radio show and my Fox Nation show: I don’t allow people to come onto my show and take cheap shots at my colleagues. That’s not how I do business here in Starnes Country.

Had Mayor Pete been on this show – I would’ve called him out right on the spot. I would’ve given him a chance to either apologize or retract his comments. And if he refused- I would’ve thrown his butt right out of the studio.

Because here on Starnes Country – we stand up for our colleagues at the Fox News Corner of the World. We don’t let anybody – anybody come into our house talking smack like that.

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