There’s only one way to fight Biden’s Facebook Censorship

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2:05 pm et – Jason Miller, Gettr Social Media App.

2:35 pm et – Meg Kilgannon, Family Research Council’s Senior Fellow for Education Studies

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Youth pastor apologizes for bikini ban at summer camp

TURBULENCE: JetBlue Allows Male Flight Attendants to Wear Dresses, Pantyhose

‘Subverts the Right and Duty of Parents’: Bowser, DC Sued for Allowing Children to Get Vaccinated Without Parental Consent

Megan Fox SLAMS ‘Uneducated, Mid-Evil’ Critics After Saying Trump Was ‘Legend’

[VIDEO] Biden DENOUNCES Communism and Socialism with his lips…

Purdue Punishes Students Who Don’t Get Vaccine: ‘Make Own Arrangements’

STARNES: There’s One Way to Fight Joe Biden’s Facebook Censorship

NFL to Add ‘Black National Anthem’ to Major Events

Watch What Happens When Two Vaccine Enforcers Show Up at a Private Residence

Ocasio-Cortez Demonizes The U.S. In Response To Ongoing Situation In Cuba

Minnesota Lawmaker Claimed He Was Cited For ‘Driving While Black,’ So Police Released Bodycam Footage

Los Angeles County Health Official: Requiring Masks, Even for Vaccinated People Is ‘Much Easier’ and ‘Makes This a Normal Practice Again’

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