Four-year-old Texan welcomes National Guard troops with Old Glory

By Todd Starnes/Twitter

There have been some mighty heartbreaking photographs from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. But there have also been some mighty heartwarming photographs – images that demonstrate the state of our nation is still strong. 

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Contrary to what you may see on cable television news or read in the big city newspapers — we are a united people — one nation under God. 

The other day the National Guard showed up in Richmond, Texas and a four-year-old boy was there to greet troops — standing in the floodwaters, holding an American flag. 

“My little man met some real superheroes this morning,” Wes Claburn wrote on Facebook.

The picture of the little patriot has been shared from coast to coast.

“He was simply just showing support to the soldiers that were helping our neighbors,” Emily Claburn told the Houston Chronicle. “He also offered to give the soldiers his favorite Grave Digger monster truck to help others with the flood in a time of need. Our son truly has a heart as big as Texas, and we are so blessed.”

God bless Texas, America. 


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