Pro-Life Grandma Speaks Out After Getting Shot by Liberal: ‘Not an Accident’

An 84-year-old grandma said she was intentionally shot while handing out pro-life material in a Michigan neighborhood.


Should the man who shot Joan Jacobson be in prison?

Joan Jacobson, a former nurse, was canvassing against Proposal 3, a Michigan measure which would legalize abortion until the moment of birth, when she was shot trying to walk back to her car.

Jacobson knocked on the door of Sharon and Richard Harvey to hand them literature explaining the dangers of Proposal 3. Sharon Harvey became very agitated with Jacobson and allegedly yelled at the 84-year-old to leave.

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As Jacobson turned to leave the property, she was shot by Richard Harvey.

“And the next thing I knew, I heard a shot and I felt some pain,” Jacobson told the Detroit News. “I was just stunned. The pain was in my back, and it was very severe.”

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After being shot, Jacobson still managed to make it to her car and find help at a local police station.

Harvey has claimed the shooting was an accident and he only meant to fire a warning shot.

Jacobson and her attorney David Kallman said Harvey intentionally shot her.

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“She [Sharon Harvey] yelled and screamed at Ms. Jacobson and refused to listen to anything she tried to say. Ms. Jacobson, a five-foot tall, 84-year-old, 120 pound, retired nurse, never raised her voice, yelled at Ms. Harvey, or threatened her in any way,” Kallman said.

He continued, “Ms. Jacobson said she was ‘stunned’ upon realizing she had been shot and, fearing for her life, continued to her car and was able to drive to a nearby police station for help. She had turned to ask Ms. Harvey to stop yelling at her, and she was shot from the side as the bullet entered the top of her right shoulder and exited out her upper back near her spine.”

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Kallman also pointed out that after Richard Harvey shot Jacobson, neither Sharon nor Richard offered her any aid or even called 911.

Additionally, the attorney noted that Sharon Harvey often posts angry messages on social media about conservatives and pro-lifers.

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No charges have been raised against Richard Harvey at this time.

The Ionia County prosecutor Kyle Butler told the Associated Press that no warrants have been filed with his office.

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“I’ve been in constant discussion with the Michigan State Police and the detective sergeant assigned as the primary investigator on the case since Sept. 20,” Butler said. “I have a pretty decent idea about what is being alleged to have occurred. We’re going to wait until the finer details of the facts of the situation are flushed out a bit more.”

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