Professor says “Fox News Spreads Bigotry and Hatred”

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A North Carolina State University professor is under fire for providing students with a handout that told them to “block Fox News” from family members.

“When they’re not looking, set the parental controls on the TVs of your family members to block Fox News,” the handout stated. “Fox News spreads bigotry and hatred.”

Students for Trump chairman Ryan Fournier said Professor Michaela DeSoucey distributed the paper to students in a sociology class, the Daily Caller first reported.

The handout instructed students to follow a lengthy list of liberal commentators – from Dan Rather and Bill Kristol to Jemelle Hill, Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow.

The professor also urged students to “stop calling the police on people for being AWB (alive while black) and save 911 for REAL emergencies.”

“Given what we know about implicit bias, and the rate of racist police encounters that end up with a black person getting killed, these ridiculous 911 calls need to stop immediately,” the handout read.

In other words, if you see something suspicious, don’t say anything at all. Just keep it to yourself.

This is what indoctrination looks like, folks. It’s one thing is the professor worked for a private college, but she works for a taxpayer funded university. You pay her salary. You are funding this far-left propaganda.

The Hayride reports the professor has apologized for giving students the hand-out and the university considers the incident over.

That’s not good enough. Professors have no business turning their classrooms into left-wing indoctrination centers.

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