At What Point Do Mandatory Shutdowns Become Martial Law?

Tim Murtaugh, the Trump 2020 Campaign communications director, told the “Todd Starnes Show” on Thursday that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s comment on essentially canceling Thanksgiving is what President Trump has been warning about during his run for a second term.

“People thought that the president was making light of the situation when he said, “Watch out they’re going to try to cancel Thanksgiving. “But there you have it Thanksgiving in Chicago is canceled. You no longer have the right of association; You no longer have the right to peaceably assemble– that’s a right specifically guaranteed in the First Amendment. And I guess in mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago, the First Amendment does not apply.”


Todd Starnes, the host of the radio show, laid out Lightfoot’s plans. The stay-at-home order—which is called “Protect Chicago”—will last for about a month and begin on Monday. Lightfoot asked residents to stay inside their homes, unless they need to leave for work or essential runs to the pharmacy or supermarket.

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ABC Chicago reported that the city will impose a limit of 10 people in social gatherings and recommended that families celebrate a virtual Thanksgiving. The report said that Lightfoot indicated that the city could see about 1,000 deaths in the next seven weeks.


The report said that the city of 2.6 million recorded 12,703 new cases on Thursday and 43 deaths.

Starnes said Lightfoot’s measures are just another example of the importance of counting every vote in the 2020 election. Murtaugh said that an alternative description of that announcement would be to say, “The First Amendment has been suspended in Chicago.”

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Starnes mentioned an interview he had with Bernard Kerik about Trump’s legal team’s effort to validate votes in key swing states. Starnes said his key takeaway is that the election seems far from over.


“It is far from over,” Murtaugh said. “Joe Biden himself said no one should claim victory until a winner is certified. He’s only been certified in a few states like Delaware and Vermont and some other states.”

He joked that Biden should have taken Delaware because he spent most of the campaign in the state, which is a swipe at the former vice president for staying in his basement during the pandemic.

“The president owes it to, first, that 73 million people who voted for him in the race for president, but also for everybody who voted for Joe Biden. Everybody in America deserves the reassurance that our elections are free and secure,” Murtaugh.

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